The pump in question is very similar to this one only much, much older

Have you ever had one of those days
when things go wrong in different ways
no matter what you try to do
it feels like you have no clue
I called a welding shop that I know
that does good work but a little slow
as I needed a pump repaired today
although not in a hurry I’m happy to say
as I drove twenty miles to reach the shop
and on the way I did not stop
for coffee as is my usual way
hoping to get the weld done today
the welder had just gone out to lunch
when I pulled in I had a hunch
that today was going to be one of those days
my timing was off in so many ways
so I left the pump for the welders return
in the hope he would call and I would learn
if the pump could be repaired
or to the junk pile he would declare
actually as it turned out
he has not yet given me a shout
so all I can hope he did not forgo
and will tell me a yeah or maybe a no
the pump is almost forty years old
and was working as good as gold
except the freeze that we just had
damaged the pump which is really sad
after all of this time it finally quits
through no fault of its own and yet the scene fits
as Nature in her unusual way
was the one that had the final say.

Written 03/01/2021