I’m getting like that…

It seems when I have nothing to do
no chores to perform that must be done
I sit in front of the computer screen
and devise a verse or story or two

I may not be the smartest of men
as a history of past events show
marriage failures and long lost friends
decisions made that cost lots of yen

I even lost a pet or two
through my having lack of care
those are the ones that I would change
as my years with them were so few

Now I am getting to the end
of a fairly long life with many turns
and here I sit in front of the screen
more thoughts of life I’m trying to send

Funny how it is this way
when I get bored I need to write
the words pour out onto the page
as I just have to have my say.

More bad verse…Sorry.

Written 04/28/2021

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