The wonders of nature. (not my picture)


The sky has turned the color of black
and with it an almighty crack
as lighting flew across the sky
startling the birds and making them fly
off to find shelter as they know full well
with lightning comes thunder as time will tell
rain lots of rain falling out of the sky
and these children of Nature the reasons know why
as off they flew at a furious pace
trying desperately hard the rain to outpace
the thunderstorm struck and just like before
it flashed and it growled and the rain did pour
down and flooded the trees and the land
washing everything away like it were all sand
moving the land to a different place
a bit at a time as it’s not a race
the storm flashed and it growled
and the wind howled
and then just as quickly the storm was gone
leaving us to survey the damage gone wrong
and the washed away dirt stacked neatly in rows
and branches and leaves all over which shows
the strength and the fury that Nature contains
when she leashes her forces only hope remains
that once more she is saying you humans beware
this planet is yours and you must have more care
or I will rip your world apart
and this little storm is only the start
you humans are such an arrogant race
thinking the world is your own special place
and yet you have no control of events
of things when Nature chooses to dissent
you are mere pawns in this magical world
if Natures strength is fully unfurled.

Written 15/29/2021

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