This is where I should be

I don’t know how I have the nerve
to think of this as a lazy day
compared to how my life once was
every day is getting this way
no early rising for this chap
instead taking my time and choosing to nap
the alarm by the bed with the bell turned off
says that it is almost nine o’clock
and all sleep goes and I’m wide awake
time to get up for my best friends sake.

Then out I roll all sleepy eyed
fumbling my way straight ahead
into the bathroom three steps away
ready to face another day
brush my teeth and slide open the doors
into the shower and just like before
the water cleans all signs of sleep
leaving me refreshed and ready to leap
out of the shower to face the day
and what will it will bring along our way.

First we take the dogs for a walk
because I know if they could talk
they would be saying we got to go
and unless you want us to mess on the floor
please will you open the bloody door
so on with their harness and pick up the leash
making sure that I have the keys
to the RV just in case the lock
decides that getting back in it will block.

Then feed the dogs one at a time
coffee for me to try to unwind
from the stress of having nothing to do
to handle my time and given the clue
we have nothing planned for the rest of the day
playing it by ear as it comes our way
I’m sure I will find something anew
writing bad poetry will give you a clue
that I really do have lots of time
because I have nothing on my mind.

Written 05/31/2021

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