The weather plays such a big factor in our lives and other than complaining that it is too hot, too cold, too wet or not enough rain and on and on, we have absolutely no control over it. At least that is true for most normal human beings. Maybe scientists can manipulate the weather but I don’t consider them to fall under the normal category.

Consequently, continuous wet and rainy weather is not so good when you live in an RV full time. Luckily, there is only myself and my two little dogs whose only concern weather wise is to go walkies twice a day, both to answer the calls of Nature and for us all to get some exercise. I would imagine that a few continuous rainy days would be very trying for a family and even if it was just a wife or significant other and no kids. RV’s are just not big enough to get away from one another or to have your own space.

Luckily, we don’t have that problem as all of the space within the RV, all 300 square feet of it is just ours so when the weather turns nasty for hours at an end, i am usually working on my computer and the dogs are off sleeping somewhere. This has been an exceptionally strange year regarding the weather with the very bad winter and now a lot of rain, some of very heavy for days on end.

Today is another of those wet days with heavily overcast skies and occasional downpours. I have spent my time as per usual, working on my blog which I find gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction and allowing my creative juices to flow. Currently, I am in the process of copying all of the 65 poems from my old blog and incorporating them into the this blog. I was looking to post 5 days a week but knew that I just didn’t have the material to do that. There are no ponds or pond related things to write about and we haven’t done much hiking lately nor have I taken many photos. Consequently, material is hard to come by until it occurred to me that the material was already there and just needed bringing over. So far, I am scheduled out through the end of November on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have barely scratched the surface regarding the number of poems available. Reading some of those poems got me thinking that I wrote some pretty good stuff back then. Wonder what happened since?

I think I may have mentioned that we discovered a leak somewhere in the house, probably from the kitchen sink area that has seeped into the bedroom and soaked the carpet. I have a company coming in that apparently has some ultra sonic equipment that can discover the leak through the walls. Finding it is one thing and making the repair is a totally different problem as it is in a very awkward place but it has to be done as I can’t sell the house like it is.

The Estate Sale preparation is moving forward and will go even quicker now that the dumpster has arrived. The guys when they find something that they think I might want to keep, leave it on the table for me and yesterday, when I was back, I discovered they had left a photo album of my last marriage, the actual wedding and reception itself, that they had uncovered from some drawer or another. My previous and last wife obviously did not consider it anything of sentimental value when she left for greener pastures thirty years ago. I wonder why? Come to that, me neither…

They also uncovered a document entitled Resolution from The State of Texas and signed by then Governor Rick Perry and James Laney, Speaker of the House. Basically, it went on to describe all that I had participated in regarding playing, coaching and refereeing soccer over those past 26 years. There is no date on it and I can’t for the life of me remember when or how I received this. Funny how the brain works as I have no recollection of this as a formal presentation. It will probably go along with the rest of my soccer memorabilia, into the dumpster. A past life and long gone as we move forward.

The Austin Pond Society held it’s Annual Pond Tour this past weekend and with the exception of one small shower, the weather was sunny and fine. From all reports, it was a huge success with over 500 hundred people over the two days. Funny, all of those years of being involved in that project and then writing about it for the past several years, I didn’t miss not being involved in it at all. Maybe that is because that was a different part of my life and I am moving on to yet another phase.

Life is strange and very complicated as we go through it. I have been fortunate to have had a lot of adventures in mine, some very good and occasionally not so good but we have pretty much absolutely no control over how it goes except for day to day decisions. Gotta roll with those punches…

Written 06/07/2021