Eagle Two

I spent today in the RV with the dogs for company thinking of my previous life and the one I currently live with plans for the future as wild as they may seem will be the fulfillment of my dream.

I have a few remaining years in which to do the things I want with life on the road and moving around and not ever needing a job. I sold my house and with money to burn a Jeep for a car and a new RV and of course the two little dogs, who will be my company.

If I could teach them both to drive or even help park the RV they would be very useful then and more than just company. But alas that will not apply and everything will fall on me to drive us where we want to go and set up camp when we arrive.

I do not mind these sort of chores as they keep me active and outdoors and keep me moving so as not to get stiff as the joints need action to give me a lift and make everyday more fun as my new life has just begun.

Another adventure along the way spending time in the great outdoors but with the luxury of a home with wheels to travel the roads through the woods and fields. There are a lot of sights to see travelling in this great country and I hope to see them all before I am too old for this life and can no longer handle the strife of driving and vibing and living the life of travelling in the great outdoors.

Written 07/14/2021

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