Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 10/05/2011

It came on to rain at my house today
the dogs who had all gone out to play
came rushing back in with fear in their eyes
and it took me a while to realize
they had not seen rain for months and months
and for them, this strange phenomenon
this wet stuff falling from the skies
was hard for them to realize
that Mother Nature, after all this time
was showing them the way it should be
and that one hundred degree days are now history
and with one stroke of her brush, one wave of her wand
we may be making up for lost time
and more, much more of this wet stuff we’ll see
as this summer goes down in history
as the hottest on record since records were kept
and that humans who for losses had wept
that now it is Fall and with any luck
much more of the wet stuff will come our way
to make up for the small amount today.

We humans think we are so smart
with our historical resources and our art
our technical skills and our flight to the moon
and all the other things that soon
makes us top dog on this planet called Earth
and yet, we do not have the final say
when it comes to things not going our way
Mother Nature is the controlling force
using her might as a resource to bring on the rain
and other things too, thunder, lightning all the bad stuff
as if to say, “Rain is not enough
wait and see what I have in store” before you start asking for more.

We humans are so feeble and puny
when Mother Nature vents her fury
we are but pawns in this great game of life
as we struggle and strain to manage the strife
that Mother Nature can bring and we have little control
over what it is she decides for us all
but wait, life is so very sweet
and with this in mind we keep
getting ready to face insurmountable odds
what each day brings, whatever the cost
we can do it, we can, we will not live in fear
as with nature, we have learned life is dear
and we will live each day on this earth, without strife
as though it’s the first day of the rest of our life.

For tomorrow brings another day
and hopefully rain will come our way.

Be kind to your Mother.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist