The large back deck

Today I went back to the house to pay a guy who was working for me repairing the deck that I installed so long ago in history. This was the last of all of the chores required before the house is sold and although I could have done the work I chose instead those chores to shirk and hired a carpenter who needed the work along with his son both did the job and did it better than I could do but only because I’m too damn old.

The reason that he is better than me has nothing to do with knowledge and skills as I am good at carpentry with lots of years of working my fill. I no longer like to do that stuff and can afford to have it done and when he offered to do the work he became the chosen one. Working alongside his son the pair of them quickly got the work done whereas I am retired and well enough off that I can afford to pay someone. It was not all easy work I know as I have done my fair share so I was grateful to pay the man as he performed the work with care.

Now all that is left is a little paint to match what is there as close as can be making the deck better than before ready for the new family who I hope will get much pleasure from the house as it has given me in thirty six years of living there making lots of history.

Goodbye House. It was a pleasure to know you…

Written 07/19/2021

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