Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 11/28/2011

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

I have this friend and truth to say I have known her for many a day, twelve years or more have we been friends and every Thanksgiving I do spend, time with her and her family and friends who the same ones it seems are always present to enjoy the way she likes to spend Thanksgiving day.

We were introduced by a mutual friend who its clear  just wanted us near to see if in fact we could become friends and would like each others company enough to spend time together with our thoughts and minds as we grace this lonely world as two of a kind.

Some of our interests are the same, we both like dogs and who can blame us for doing so but truth to tell her dogs compete with other dogs when they meet at special events of the kind where the dogs run and jump and do entwine themselves between poles and over the jumps on seesaws and through tunnels do run and truth to tell they are having fun and always showing them the way, my friend is running and working hard as they travel the course both trainer and dog.

My dogs on the other hand are of lazy mind, couch potatoes of the worst possible kind, the only time when they do run is when the call for food is sung by the man of the house who shares his life with dogs of a different kind. I do have one little dog who it seems is subject to having impossible dreams as he tries to climb trees the squirrels to catch but in the end gives up in despair and barks his fool head off until it seems he can’t match the squirrels so its useless to try and a waste of time climbing trees so high like a squirrel or fly in the sky like the buzzards on high which he runs and chases whenever he sees them as they glide and dive on spirals unseen but to him it’s the impossible dream.

We did not spend Thanksgiving alone as the rest of the people who did come, are friends and acquaintances that come every year to celebrate and give thanks and good cheer to eat good food, turkey and such and pies of the most fattening kind much conversations to hold with people at the table, talk and opinions and to be able to relax with good friends, memories and more food until no more can we eat and then we do dawdle over coffee to finish the time at the table.

It seems that pre dinner conversation is fine and the people relax as they greet and exchange all the news and events that has happened to them and the urge to engage so that all may know is real strong in a couple of them so the rest of the friends they do meet and pass along what they have discrete or otherwise it matters not as the conversation flows that those here for dinner and who will not only be fed but will also be wiser.

When dinner is over and the dishes are clean, food is divided to take home to feed others in their households if they need it or not as too much food our host does not want as she can only eat just so much and a lot is left over as is usually the way when friends get together on Thanksgiving day.

I thank my friend for inviting me and sharing her house and her table that we can talk with our friends and merry shall be as we give thanks that we are here one more year to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day cheer.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist