Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 12/03/2011

Rainy Day

Two days in a row and more chance of rain
through Monday he did explain
the weatherman on TV
with his maps and charts for all to see.

This time he seems to have got it right
as too many times in the past he just might
have said that tomorrow it will rain
to wake up and find that he’s wrong again
Mr Weatherman, why do you lie
when the world is waiting for you to try
forecasting the weather to some degree
of accuracy when you are on TV.

The only time you got it right
was back in the summer when the temperature’s height
reached more than one hundred degrees, out of sight

Ninety seven days in a row without break
all you had was the same script to take
advantage of the continuous sunshine
and say that tomorrow is going to be fine
another very, very hot day
with plenty of sunshine coming your way.

But now it is winter and you no longer can say
the things about sunshine coming our way
We have rain and cold fronts and other things too
making it sound like you haven’t a clue
of forecasting the weather correctly and see
as the weatherman on the TV
whether you know just what to say
that we may have more rain coming our way.

I am being too harsh, it’s a difficult task
forecasting the weather and at last
in the things that you say when your on TV
on the world stage at least here locally
I doubt very much if the signal travels further
a difficult task like no other
to be the weatherman on Austin TV.

Apologies to all Weathermen and Meteorologists around the World.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist