Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 12/04/2011

Rainy Day in Texas
Rainy Day in Texas

It’s another rainy day and the skies are so grey
that makes three in a row and as we all know
here in Texas it is almost a record
as more than a shower at any one time
get’s people talking and saying how fine is this rain
we certainly need it, how much did you get, it is plain
to see how exciting rain can be for we have been lacking
and many inches behind and we all know that without rain
things don’t grow, our plants and flowers and farm crops too
wither and die a sorry sight as everything dries up
and yards and gardens that should be so green
are now brown and just dismal a site to be seen.

We wonder if when Spring comes around
how much of this stuff that is now very brown
will flourish and grow back beautifully green
and if Nature has safeguarded herself in between
the showers and seasons and is just resting now
ready to emerge with a flourish and bow
when Spring comes around and things start to grow
if it does then we will all know
that the rain, the glorious rain did the trick
and more we need to keep things looking slick
as Nature recovers from her own delays
of making it rain on more than one day.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist