So True

I got up late as I sometimes do with nothing special planned for the day and took the dogs out for a walk just like our usually way giving them time to smell the dew which still lay out upon the grass and stretch their legs and run around while I walked behind them coming up last. The first walk of the day is always fun as the sun has not risen too high and the temperature is not so hot as to make walking hard to try. We try to walk three times a day if Sandy has her say barking and whining and letting us know that it it is time to go out walking so she can run ahead and drag Mikey and I along in her stead.

After we come in from the walk I take care of the important things like feed the dogs and then myself ready to face what the day brings maybe something different or just the same who knows as we play this game of life living day by day hoping to continue in the same old way. Just as I usually do I check for messages in the hope of a clue or an answer to some question I asked about some very important task or maybe just to stay up with current events not that much of it makes much sense as I read the news of what is happening around and of the stories so profound that my little part in the world that I play seems not to matter except it’s my way of living my life and strange though it seems I too still have impossible dreams and hope that I can make the most of what little time remains on this earth.

Today even before I had known I looked at the time and it had flown and before so very long it was time to go walking with the dogs again only this time the sun was high and so as we walk we always try to be on the shady side of the street and sometimes we often meet other dogs with humans in tow all going walkies like the good humans we are hoping that the dogs won’t take us too far.

Today I managed to get up late and as also because no plans have we three I sat in front of my trusty laptop and read my mail in case I would see something important for me to say which is not always the way as most of the time the news that they write is not of interest to me in spite of the fact that I read it all just in case I find something out of place or maybe just a comment or two to let them know that there are others who read what they say and hopefully it will make their day. Bloggers are a peculiar bunch each with their views or maybe a hunch of how the world needs our help or maybe something that we see and of which we disagree. I suppose that I am one of those although very rarely do I compose anything that will cause anyone stress spending my time in writing bad verse or of camping or hiking or just plain old life which of course causes much strife as thank goodness we are not that alike and there is enough blame to share around and try to do it without getting up tight.

As evening draws close and the sun goes down we will go for walkies again just a short trip around the park even as it is getting dark as just though the sun goes down the heat of the day is still hanging around and although not as hot it is still warm and will remain that way until the dawn when it will be the coolest time but me and the dogs will be sleeping again to wake at goodness who knows when.

Our evenings are spent in a lazy way after having such a hectic day I feed the dogs and then feed me and settle down in front of the TV to hopefully find a game to watch preferably soccer or if this does not work maybe a movie that I can find horror or action will suit me fine. Then into bed at the end of the day having spent it in our own way. Today I have no clue after getting up late with nothing to do where the time went so fast and had passed in a flash and tomorrow we get to do it again not sleeping late rising earlier today before walking the dogs in our usual way.

I really like this RV life to wake whenever and with little strife picking and choosing what we will do and sometimes we have no idea as to how we will spend the rest of the day we only know that it is all play.

Written 07/07/2021

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