Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 12/07/2011

Rose with Frost

The first real frost has come early this year
and we are hardly into December
It seemed that in previous years,
much later than this as I remember.
Then again, with a summer like the one we just had
where we set all kinds of records and how bad
the heat it has to be said, ninety-seven days of one hundred degrees
more than we have ever had in the history of records for this sort of thing.

Around the garden I did walk
surveying the damage the frost had wrought
on the plants that survived the terrible drought
and the heat that Mother Nature had brought.
Every year this happens as is the cycle of life
things are sown and they grow as is Natures way
and then at the end when the seasons do change
along comes the frost to re-arrange
the beauty that was into something less green
as things die back no more to be seen
but wait for next year in early Spring
Mother Nature awakes and things start to grow
for this is the cycle of life that we know

The human side of me is thinking of the loss
of the plants so green that have now at a cost
become refuse in the cycle of life
and to the compost heap without strife.
That of course means work for me
as from their place in the yard we
must cut them back and tidy the place
where they did grow and in that space
will be emptiness for a while
until Nature begins its cycle of growth
and everything starts over again, we hope.

So far, Nature has never failed
to make things grow in their normal place
and it has to be said is expected to be
that Nature will always fulfill destiny.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist