Last will and testament

Yesterday, at the urging of two of my friends, I paid a visit to my Lawyer to try to settle the outcome of my Estate in the inevitability of my either becoming mentally and/or physically incapacitated to where I can no longer make any decisions as to the disbursement of my assets.

Writing a will is probably one of those things in the back of everyone’s mind but actually getting around to writing it is a major effort. For one thing, it congers up pictures of death and dying or even worse, being mentally and physically incapacitated and not capable of making any rational decisions of any kind. This could be brought about by Alzheimer’s or an accident making the person incapable of making those same decisions or even an accidental death.

Yesterday was my second trip as on the first one, my Lawyer spent a couple of hours with both myself and my friend Suzanne explaining both the Will writing process and all that it involves and also the document that would hand off Powers of Attorney to my chosen representative(s) so that Medicaid could be used to pay for any specialized and advanced care if it was needed.

I had no trouble with the Will as I already knew where the disbursement of any money and belongings that I might still have would go but when we started talking about Executors, I had a hard time in wrapping my head around the fact that by signing the documents, I would essentially be giving up control of my assets and would have to go through my Executor if I needed money other than that I chose to leave in my accounts. In the end, after much discussion, I chose to go ahead and spent the next fifteen minutes signing documents in front of witnesses and ended up with a huge pile of paper and wrote a check for several thousand dollars for the service

At least now, I have peace of mind that whatever my outcome, my Estate is taken care of.

I went back to my car which I had parked under a tree in their lot only to discover that my windshield had a crack running from top to bottom with what looked like a stone thrown up by a passing vehicle. It is still drivable but I guess I need to get it replaced in case it gets worse. More unexpected trouble.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Written 08/28/2021

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