Texana Park RV Resort

A short video of Alligator Cove

Our walk this morning was just a simple walk around the park although we did use the cut through trails which bisect the main circular roadway where all of the RV’s are parked. When we did get back on the road, we met several people walking dogs, some riding bikes either alone or with their friends. One older couple riding bikes, stopped to talk because of my dogs and showed us her Dachshund which she was carrying in a chest bag. Needless to say, the dog, being a Dachshund and upon spotting Sandy, started to bark as most of those breed usually do. Sandy, not to be outbarked, returned the compliment and the only cure was for us to move on. Noisy brats.

The tent people were out and about with their usual loud conversations and even louder music but they appeared to be having a good time and after all, that is what it is all about as long as it doesn’t interfere with the other campers. I watched as several people were using the trails, the entrance to which is by my site, either on foot or on bikes. many with their doggy companions.

Here, very few, if any of the campsites are on top of each other and are spaced a good distance apart. I’m still toying with the idea of extending my stay as I really like it here. I’ll decide soon what to do. Now that I have discovered both a laundromat and an HEB close by, my only problem is the internet connection. My regular plan will kick in on the 1st which should see me through, if I stay, at least until the middle of the month. I have decided that my pleasure with this lifestyle is not so much in the driving which, after all is just just getting from point A to point B without too many stops on the way but rather staying at the different campgrounds and enjoying each what they have to offer. My preferences are that they have some form of water like a lake or river, lots of trails and of course, internet service.

We went for another walk late in the day and took one of the trails for about a mile and a half. The trails are wide and everything is visible except where the grass is long and then I have to be very watchful for the slithery things. So far, the only thing apart from lots of deer, have been Armadillos and we have seen at least five different ones. Well, they all look the same except we have seen them in different places so I assume they are different ones. Most of my neighbors have left except for the ones right across the street from me. They are the ones who have the chubby little Grand daughter who, along with her family have left leaving the Grandparents to enjoy their time alone. My street is again empty.


Today was pretty much the same as the other days. We spent our time walking in the mornings around the park checking on who was still here. There are a lot of empty spaces now the weekend is over although it looks like there may be a few permanent guests. This was just a short walk of about a half mile and just for the dogs to do their thing.

I did some work on the blog and on a few photos but Sandy was being a bug worse than usual so we went out for another walk. I hadn’t really decided where we were going this time and as it happened, we took a very long hike and covered around three miles. We walked trails with names like Humming Bird Roost, Savanah Trail and Bobcat Track. The best one of all was called Alligator Creek which was a small inlet off the main lake. I still didn’t get to see any Alligators. Maybe just as well. There are benches set about every half mile which was very useful as Sandy was pulling us along at breakneck speed and it wasn’t until towards the end when she was tiring, did she slow down. I really enjoyed this walk. There is still one more shorter trail that we have to cover before we leave.

I am still having internet problems here and it is costing me a small fortune in extra gigs of service so I decided that as much as I like it, we should move on. I spent time researching where we should go next and have come up with a route to bring us back eventually to Henly for the winter. After a lot of research, which involves looking at different campgrounds to see what they have to offer and are not too far away, I found one called St Ives RV Resort in a place called Alvin here in Texas. I have specific things I look for when choosing a location which includes trails and water in some form or another just to make the place interesting. That and a working internet service of course. I left them a message and am waiting for a call back.

So ended another lazy day in this RV life.

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