The new pool and bar. Still a lot of work to be done but the pool is open.

I still woke up late even though I went to bed earlier than normal so obviously, that is not the answer. Maybe I should give it more time. OK, we’ll try it again a couple more times, going to bed earlier that is, and if it doesn’t work, then it is that I am destined to sleep long and late. The sleep of the proverbial dead. I can’t help it if I have a clear conscience or maybe it’s that glass of wine. Damn, just when I was beginning to enjoy drinking the cheap stuff. Maybe a more expensive bottle would help? Seriously though, it really doesn’t matter what time we wake and get up as most of the time, I have nothing planned. What a life.

Our morning walk around the park was quiet and uneventful. While the dogs were in the Dog Run, I watched as an Egret walked very slowly in the pond looking for it’s breakfast. It was unsuccessful in the ten minutes that I watched before it disappeared out of sight behind some bulrushes. Such patient birds but then again, I guess you got to be when you rely on stealth to catch your morning meal. I kept waiting for the alligator to jump the bird but it didn’t happen at least while I watched.

We moved on around the park but there was really nothing to look at. The construction people have moved their John Deere Excavator to a different section and it looks like they are getting ready to install eight inch plastic pipes presumably as a continuation of the Park’s sewer management system for an area they are developing to install extra RV sites. Meanwhile, the large ‘Dozer is still working on the opposite end levelling that huge mound of dirt. The ground they are on is of an extremely wet clay type material and difficult to work with as it looks permanently wet and marshy. According to the St Ives brochure, they want to install at least another thirty RV sites in that area. If it ever stopped with the heavy rain showers, maybe they would have a chance. Watching them got me reminiscing of my pipeline days. Best days of my working life, ever, even with all of the high paying jobs that I held later in life. There was something about working out in the country or even within a city, and depending on your job, in a trench or on a piece of heavy equipment, surrounded by nature. At the time, those were the good old days. Couldn’t do it now though. Back then, I was young and extremely fit and well muscled and I even had hair. Today, sixty years later, a poor apology to that man. Such is the passing of time. If today by chance I was ever to meet him, I know I would not recognize him nor him me. He would definitely not want to know the man he grew into at least physically.

Me at 20 years old

This park is so quiet during the daytime when most of the occupants are at their day jobs. If the construction people weren’t busy doing their thing, there would be absolutely nothing going on. Occasionally some one will drive around or the odd person or two will walk their dogs but other than that, nothing is happening. We have five more days here before we move on to the next site at Rock’n E RV Park in Coldspring, about a hundred mile drive. They promise more and better trails but a shaky internet. I guess we’ll see. I can get over the internet problem with my WIFI booster which regardless of whether I use it or not, costs me $55.00 per month for a 100 gigs of service. That and it doesn’t carry over. Use it or lose it. The problem with modern day living is that these sort of things are a necessity especially if you spend a lot of time on the internet as in my case, writing this blog.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual way, walking the dogs, feeding us all and then watching television with the promise of an earlier night. Yeah, right.


I actually did get up early this morning, at least for me and by 9:00 am, I was outside checking on the water supply as it was coming out of the faucet a muddy brown color. I thought maybe I might have a dirty filter unit but that was not the problem. So, we went walking out of necessity and on the way, I ran into one of the park employees and mentioned the problem to him. Later on, he stopped by to tell me that they were working on the water main somewhere else in the park and hopefully would have the problem fixed sooner rather than later. You don’t realize how important it is to turn on a faucet and water comes out until it doesn’t. Luckily, I have several bottles of water that I purchased for just such an occurrence as this. We were able to make coffee, that life giving beverage without which many of us would find it hard to start the day.

Our walk this morning took us by the area where they had been excavating yesterday and sure enough, they were in the process of installing more sewer connections for additional RV sites which are shown on their brochure. This is horrible ground to work with mainly comprising of soft, wet clay type soil that sticks to everything making work very difficult even for the heavy machinery. I wonder if it will ever dry out.

It is a dark day with rain clouds scudding across the sky and threatening to break loose at any moment. There is rain in the forecast and some parts are getting it heavy. Luckily not here, yet. When I look out of the window around the campground, there is an abundance of white pickup trucks in view especially at the 5th wheel campsites. I don’t know if white is a choice color or that the vehicles capable of towing these large rigs happen to be that color. Probably the latter as the one I previously owned for towing the Eagle, was also white. It certainly has cooled off with the outdoor temperature around 83 degrees. Very comfortable especially when walking the dogs. Fall is definitely here.

There are a lot of frogs around, none of them very big. They get into everything. This little guy had jumped up onto the wicker couch before jumping back down and posing to have his photo taken.

It never occurred to me before just how much we rely on the honesty of the various and different company’s that we deal with in our daily lives. I recently received a check that had been sent to my mail forwarding company for a substantial sum of money for unused insurance due to the sale of the Eagle which I traded in for Miss Daisy. It never crossed my mind that such a thing even existed and I would have been none the wiser if they had just kept it. It’s nice to know that some honesty still exists in this troubled world. I know it’s company policy and all of that stuff but the average person is not aware of it and we rely on the company’s honesty in dealing with us. There are still some bright moments amid all the chaos of living.

The water was eventually turned back on around 4:30 pm. Apparently, they needed a fitting which they had to go buy and it took them longer than anticipated. I let the water run for quite a while into the black tank to help with the cleaning process within that tank and to hopefully clean the sensors which, even though Miss Daisy is brand new, are not showing the tank levels correctly. They still show full after I have emptied them. I am not surprised as from what I have read, it is an ongoing problem with most RV’s regardless of age. I think I would stop working too if I was buried up to my proverbial neck in that sort of gunk!

We spent the rest of the day in our usual fashion with dog walks, evening meals and then watching TV before going to bed a little earlier.

Written 10/15/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com