Our site at Rock’n E

We got up early with the help of the alarm on my phone so that we would be ready to pullout around mid day and as all of the other days, we started with the walk around the park which was uneventful. No other dogs to bark at or people to say “Good Morning” to. The heavy construction guys were hard at it still working on their giant mound of dirt but in fairness to them, they have moved at least half of it.

We followed with our usual breakfast routine and then I started to put things away for safety as they tend to move about when we travel. Pretty much got it down to a routine now knowing what needs to be tied down with bungy chords and such. The two seating areas are very useful in this respect as a lot of stuff gets stacked there and tends to be pretty stable. With all of the inside in good shape, I was ready to pull in the slides, reverse the levelling system with the push of a button and then, empty the tanks and disconnect the water, sewer and finally, the power chord.

Then came the task of hooking up the Jeep which this time went much smoother and we were ready to go. I stopped at the office on the way out to thank them for their hospitality and wished them luck for the future before jumping back into Miss Daisy to set both the map on the phone and also on the new Google Pad that I had purchased. Nothing like having a back up, just in case.

The trip to Coldspring was uneventful and took about two hours and about a hundred miles. The map systems were very helpful and warned me of upcoming traffic and construction which I needed as it took me through downtown Houston although there were no holdups and we were on a five lane highway. Interestingly, the two map systems were almost the same but did show differences in mileage and a few other things. Luckily, it was not rush hour.

I had no trouble in finding the Rock’n E RV Park and stopped at the office where a gentleman named Alvin introduced himself and then took me around to show me what sites were available. I chose one and we completed our business and I set about getting Miss Daisy ready. The site was on a bit of a slope which required using the wood blocks that I always carry but I eventually got it levelled up. The problem was that the back wheels were off the ground but I let it go and took the dogs out walking on one of the trails. I thought about it we walked along and after about a half mile, I turned back to base. I decide to resituate and then relevel Miss Daisy as best I could which was an improvement and I was able to block the wheels to relieve the stress on the axles and chassis.

The view out of my window. This is the playground and pavilion.

Feeling better about it, I went about the business of unpacking the Jeep putting down the mat and then situating the wicker couch and table and then with that out of the way, we sat for a while enjoying the cool evening before going inside to feed the dogs and then me, We ended the evening in the usual way watching the Premier League.

So ended out first day on the road and here at the new park, first impressions are that it is a vey nice park with a lot of long term tenants who, by the way, are very friendly. As we are in East Texas Piney Woods country, we are surrounded by tall pine trees and the ground is covered with pine needles. Oh yes, everybody appears to have a dog some tied up outside to entertain us with their vocal displays. That doesn’t seem to be against park rules as there is quite a serenade of dog barks during the day and in the evenings.

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