Friday 11/12/2021

Sandy and Mikey

I sat here thinking that I really need
to write a verse as I agreed
to post on Saturday which is the day
when my verse goes on display
as I fill the week with my regular blog
Monday thru Friday which is quite a job
posting the stories of our life
along with Miss Daisy who is not my wife
but is in fact my RV
where we live that is we three
me and my two little dogs
my buddies in life without whom I’m lost
they are my companions on this journey in life
sharing the good and sometimes the strife
although their contributions are small
just the wag of their tales which says it all
as they look at me with their big brown eyes
their love for me they do not disguise
and in return I give them a home
with food and love and were never alone
as we walk the trails or around the park
which is how our days always starts
together we get the exercise we need
and the air is so fresh which we breathe
filling our lungs as we make our way
knowing that this is another great day
no one could ask for anything more
maybe a few more years to add to the score
as life creeps on towards the end
me, my RV and my two little friends.

Time for walkies

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