Saturday, 12/25/2021

Christmas sunset over Henly

Today is Christmas Day which for us in Miss Daisy, is no different than any other day. I do have a problem with my WordPress blog site which is not allowing me to do anything with any of the blogs I have written. Could not happen at a worse time as the blog engineers are all out enjoying Christmas with their families, and I wish them all a very Merry Christmas. That does not stop me from writing, and I can wait until they get back from their hard-earned vacation to fix the problem, something to do with user ID mismatch whatever that is. I am writing this in Word which is a part of the Microsoft Office program that I have, and I used to use quite consistently back in the day. Now, I do all my writing in the blog program as it is a much simpler process and generally works very smoothly and the result is very satisfying. 
We went out for our morning walk around the park and generally cover about a half mile. This walk is to give us all a chance to stretch our legs and for the dogs to do their business. The results of the walk whether it is a success or not is based on the number or maybe if any times that dogs go to potty. Not counting peeing or marking as between them, they cannot have anything left in their bladders by the time we get back, especially Sandy. I have never seen a dog that marks as much as she does and of course, if she goes, Mikey must go in the same spot. Dog’s…Makes for awfully slow walking. 
I watched as a couple of kids were riding their bikes around the park. Well, one had a bike and his younger brother? had one of those electric scooters that are self-propelled, that it until the battery runs out and then it is back to the good old-fashioned push along method. They were having fun and that is all that matters and at least, riding inside the park is much safer than out on the roads outside.. There was another family playing on the swings and slides in the Childrens Area. We met a few people on our way around, everyone wishing us a Mery Christmas which we reciprocated. 
We had no plans for the day so after breakfast and after the dogs had settled down to rest from the morning’s exertions, I sat in front of the computer and spent several hours trying to get the blog program to work but in the end, had to give it up as something beyond my pay grade and wait for the Happiness Engineers response which will be a couple of days. Like I said earlier, this did not stop the creative juices from flowing as I switched to Word at least to do the writing. When the WordPress site is back up and running, I will simply do a copy and paste to transfer the writing to the blog. 

Later that afternoon, we went out for a much longer walk on the roads outside and managed to cover 2.1 miles for the day. Not bad for just ambling around with many stops and explorations along the way. I watched a middle-aged gentleman approach from the top of the hill, draw level and then quickly disappear out of site, walking at a much greater speed then we could muster. Even if we did not stop to smell the roses along the way, I still cannot walk very fast anymore. My legs are short at 5’7” and I was never blessed with speed even in my younger days. I could run for ever but not fast. Now, I cannot even run except in an emergency and then probably not for long or for very far. Heck, it is all I can do to keep up with Sandy as she drags us along when she gets one of her “gotta go fast moods.” 
Back in Miss Daisy, with Christmas Day gone for this year which to us, was just another day, we prepared our evening meal and following our usual custom, watched television accompanied by a glass of cheap wine. 

Reading back on this blog, I realized that it may come across as being self-pitying but in fact, nothing is further from the truth. I have been single for almost thirty years and am well used to spending my time alone, a lot of it by choice coming up with excuses when others offer me invitations to join them. I am not anti-social but prefer my company to that of others except for a very few people who I call my loyal friends. 

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