When you need your license renewed, then these are one to do that. When you see flashing lights in your mirror, maybe not so much.

Today was the BIG day as far as I was concerned and the outcome of it would shape my life for the immediate future. It started off as it normally does except that I got up early and took the dogs out walking. They seemed a bit confused at the change of time, much earlier than they are used to but did not complain too much as we walked the park returning for breakfast. I had time to catch up on a few emails and to check if there was anything of importance that might require my attention, but true to recent form, there was nothing to worry about. I had set the time to leave the park at 11:00 am but as nervous and worried that I was, I left earlier than that for the drive into Bastrop, a forty-five-mile trip, where I was scheduled to renew my driver’s license. The last time was 6 years ago as that was how long a license in Texas, when renewed, is good for under the age of eighty-five. As I had reached that magic number, with an 86th birthday coming up, it was time to renew. I arrived early and sat in the parking lot for almost 30 minutes and watched as people came and went. Some stayed inside and others quickly returned to their cars probably not knowing that to renew your license, you had to make an appointment due to Covid regulations. No more waiting in line. I walked in the door to be met by a very pleasant young lady who gave me a form to fill out and a number. I did not have to wait long before my name was called and I sat down in front of but separated by a glass panel, another older and very talkative lady and we began the process. I should mention that I and all the others in the office on the visitor’s side of the panel wore masks. I guess the office staff felt protected as none of them did. 

The clerk worked on my application asking questions here and there and making corrections and notes. I had to prove I was a citizen which I did by showing her my Naturalization Documents. Before long it was fingerprint, actually thumbprint time along with a couple of signatures plus of course a picture, which incidentally is terrible and really shows my age and looks like I just got out of bed after the results of a hard night drinking. It took longer to print everything than it did getting it ready as her computer system was running very slow. I thanked her and walked out with a massive load off my mind knowing I was good for another couple of years of this RV’ing life. I did not get a new license right then and there but the old one returned with the corner cut off and a temporarily printed paper one until the new one arrives in the mail. 
This time around seems so different than the last time 6 years ago. I remember that I had to look through a viewfinder and answer some questions and was having trouble with the small print. The lady who was working with me at the time asked if I had any other glasses, I might be able to use which I did in the truck, and she waited while I ran out to get them before completing the process at that time. This time was nothing like that, not that I am complaining but it was the reason I was so worried about the renewal. I have another pair of glasses on order with the latest prescription which is a bit stronger for reading but of course, they have not arrived in time. As it happens, I did not need them. The drive back to Henly was just as long as the drive in although with a much easier frame of mind and I did not run into any traffic or holdups. It was well worth the ninety-mile round trip to get the license renewal out of the way. Actually, the load off my mind and the worrying I had been going through made it even more worthwhile. 

I arrived home with two little dogs jumping around and ready to go walkies and we managed to cover 1.5 miles for the day. All I all, a very good day. 

Written 01/20/2022 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com