In one of my previous posts, I described the vultures that were working on a sheep. This is all that remains of it. They sure do “cleanup”..
This was that cleanup crew.

We got up early for us and went out for our usual mornings walk. It was still below freezing but the wind had dropped so it was not too uncomfortable. Sandy, who is the leader in most of our walking expeditions took us all over the place and me and Mikey sort of followed along behind. She was very energetic, and we managed to cover 1.2 miles for this walk, a good start to the day. Every time I was ready to head back home, off she would go in a different direction. As it made no difference to me although I am not sure about Mikey, who was just followed along. Mikey does not have the drive or the curiosity that Sandy does and is a lot more laid back. If it were not for the fact that he does not want to miss out on anything, I think he would be happy to stay behind. Except then Sandy would have me all to herself and he will not stand for that one bit. Mikey will actively seek attention, Sandy not so much but when she does need it, she sist and stares at me with an unblinking look until I make a fuss of her. Dogs are strange animals each having their own characteristics and that is why we love them so much. I cannot imagine my life without a dog or two and I cry like a baby when they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. I usually process my grief by going to the nearest Animal Shelter and adopting another dog that needs a home. 

I spent some of the day working on the blogs posting the ones that I has already completed. I am having to delve deeper into my photo gallery as I have not taken many pictures lately and the ones around this park are getting repetitious. It is time to go hiking but I really want it to warm up just a bit. I thought about going to the grocery store but the lazy part of me decided that we could make do for a couple more days. 

We went out for the afternoon walk just as we usually do and managed to cover 2.1 miles for the day. The walks can be very repetitious, but I try to make them interesting by varying them, so we never cover the same road on consecutive days. I have also learned which roads have shade and which are in the sun depending on the time of day or if the cold wind is blowing at us or on our backs depending on the current temperature. One of the roads has exotic game animals and it is always rewarding when we get to see the zebra or the different deer that are there. Other roads have their own items of interest like one that has a pair of dogs, one a huge hound and the other a fat little pug with a strange bark that always come out to visit us as we pass by. Visit is probably not the right word as they bark to scare us away. Another road has sheep and horses that we sometimes get to see if they are in that particular field. Even though they are the same roads every day, there is usually always something to attract my attention, so they are not too monotonous. This would be a perfect park if it had wooded trails. 

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