Shady Trails

I was glad to take the dogs walking knowing what faced me back at Mr. George as I was running out of room and places to store stuff. I did not realize it but the overhead storage in Miss Daisy is what allowed me to have so much junk, in so many crates. Now, without that, it is in reverse, junk and no place to put it. Luckily, I have cleaned up the outside so at least everything looks very presentable. The mess is inside with boxes all over the place still waiting to be emptied. Maybe I can donate more of it. When you stop to think that a few months ago, I owned an 1800 square foot house with sheds full of tools and such and now what I have left is packed into a 200 sq ft RV. Some of the stuff I have is really not practical for my current lifestyle. I worked with my hands all my life and even the last twenty years spent in Construction Management at the University of Teas in Austin, I still have all the tools that I had collected and used over those years. I brought a lot of them with me and will probably never use them again. Old habits die hard, but they do add weight and take up a lot of valuable storage space and I seriously need to think about the practicality of all the extra stuff. 
There are two problems with having extra “stuff” in an RV. One is the lack of space for storing those items making it important that they consist of items of necessity. The other is the amount of extra weight that are added by those same items. So, eventually, all my wonderful tools and all their memories will have to go, and I will only keep the bare necessities. 

Written 02/21/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park February 19 Saturday

Following out usual walks and breakfast I had another trip to Georgetown to pick up a couple of crates that somehow, we had left behind in Miss Daisy. It is amazing that both BJ and I did separate walk arounds to check that we had everything out of her but apparently not. While I was there, I bought an adjustable entrance step for Mr. George as the first step is high after the RV is levelled. The one, I am using is very small and tends to wobble if I am not careful. I could see an accident in the making and splurged for the new step instead. It is much bigger and has adjustable legs. 

From Georgetown, I headed back to Austin to a donation shop that BJ had told me about where I wanted to drop off a bunch of file folders and such that I had no use for. I was using the map system in the Jeep that for some reason had me on the frontage road instead of on the highway, which was extremely frustrating, but I eventually found the place and dropped off the stuff. By the way, the map system had been sending me all over the place all day. Weird. Incidentally, Georgetown is a 140-mile round trip. 

I made it back to Henly and to two very impatient little dogs who could not wait to get on their harness and hit the streets. 

Written 02/21/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com