We followed our usual routine with walks and breakfast and before I settled in front of the computer. I looked at the dashboard on Mr. George and discovered that there is a button labelled, “Battery Boost”. Curious as to what it may do, I got out the Ford manual and checked and it is for such times as we currently are in when the truck battery will not turn the engine over. By holding in that button and turning on the ignition, the engine started right up. I let it run for 10 minutes or so just to put a bit of charge back in the engine battery. 
Thankful that I had figured something out for a change, I resumed checking the emails of which there are many and most of them are junk. I try to unscribe from as many as I can but eventually, they return bringing others along with them. Emails are very useful but sure can be a pain sometimes. I worked for a while and as I had an appointment to pick up my mail in Austin, left about 11:30 am for the 45-minute drive. As usual, most of the mail was junk ready to be discarded when I got home. From there, I made my way to Walmart’s where I needed stuff from the RV section, what else! Then I did my grocery shopping before heading back to Henly. On the way, I stopped at the Starbucks at Oak Hill as I knew they would be open before driving home. 

We went for a stroll around the park and chatted to several people. There was a contractor working on washing and waxing an RV in front of me. I watched for a while before resuming the walk. Mr. George is very clean as it had been taken care of at Crestview, so I did not need that contractors’ services. I returned and did more cleanup work inside the RV and then we went out again for another short walk. The dogs were in 7th heaven having 3 walks in one day. 

And so ended another day at Henly RV Park. 

Written 01/04/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com