The view from Mr. George

We slept late as we had no particular reason to get up early and followed the usual procedures of walks and breakfast. I watched as an RV that had been parked in front of me moved to the storage area along with the other parked RVs and then another older Class C came into the lot right behind me. Thie one is driven by a what appears to be a single lady, at least single in the sense that she is alone except for the company of her dogs. Strangely, she did not hook up to any of the utilities except for the electricity and neither did she bother to level her unit so can only assume she does not plan to stay very long.  

As I sit here in Mr. George and look out of the window, the park is very quiet and somewhat empty. Then as if on cue, three more RVs came into park in front of me. One of them has an enormous black dog of the hound variety. It is huge and has the grey snout of an older dog. His companion is a little Pomeranian. Such an odd contrast of size. The little Pommy sits on his owner’s lap. Good job the other one does not try that as he probably weighs as much as his owner. 

We lazed around for most of the day until I decided that I needed to use the InstaPot and cook up some vegetables that I had in the refrigerator. Love that InstaPot, just throw the in the veggies, add a little broth and 6 hours later, after cooking up a pork chop to add to the mix, the food is ready to eat. I am certainly not a gourmet sort of person and neither do I like to bother with barbecue although I would eat if someone else cooked it. Not much of a meat lover though preferring simple things like easy to cook pork chops or a cooked chicken from HEB or as in a lot of cases a salad with sliced turkey or ham. 

Mr. George is beginning to look pretty shipshape with about everything put away. Of course, I don’t know where anything is and will need to reorganize properly and maybe even label the drawers and cupboards. I keep coming across things but still have not located the spare set of keys for the RV. 

We went out for the afternoon walk and managed to cover almost 1.5 miles for the day, enough for all of us to get some exercise. The weather has warmed up and it is very pleasant walking the lanes outside of the park although the Henly Loop on which we are situated and on which we walk, is now a temporary detour road as they do work on one of the turn offs from Hwy 290 creating a bit more of a traffic problem. 

I settled down for the evening meal with the InstaPot having done Its thing and the pork chop cooked, to the ever watchful two little dogs who sat there in anticipation that I might, just might, take pity on them and give them a bit of the pork chop. Needless to say, they are not interested in veggies. They did each get a taste though as I could not resist those big brown pleading eyes. 

The TV works very well with the Roku stick and it has a great picture. Sometimes, I must boost the signal with my ATT booster but not every evening. The number of campers and the current weather conditions often play a part of getting good reception. I have been watching Seal Team with all its gore and usual killing of the bad guys. Doesn’t keep me awake at night. 

Written 01/05/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com