Another day at Henly and I do have a couple of things planned for today. As usual, we started with our walk around the park followed by coffee and breakfast. It was brisk out but not really cold, so I only had on a light jacket, but the forecast is for freezing weather overnight on Saturday. Be glad when we are done with all that stuff. This is Texas, land of sun and 100 plus degree days. 
I wrote for a bit before deciding it was time to go into Austin to meet my friend Barb, something we had arranged last week. This was purely personal as we have finished with the business arrangements last year when she sold my house and when I gave up the position of Webmaster for the Austin Pond Society of which, Barb is the President. 
I drove into town and made a stop at Home Depot to pick up a couple of screws for a project I was working on before heading to the assigned coffee shop, Steinhaus Coffee where we spent a very enjoyable hour catching up. The place was busy and is obviously an extremely popular hangout. Much different than the Starbucks stores which do not have individual personalities. She eventually left having business to attend to and I drove back to Henly. On the way, after considerable thought on my part, I stopped at HEB in Dripping Springs to see what they had in the way of frying pans with a glass cover. I have one but for some reason, the cover does not fit the pan and when I am cooking, the fat sprays out all over the cook top. They had a couple, but they were big, and I wanted a smaller one of around 8 inches, but it did give me an idea that maybe I can use one of the bigger glass lids that I have at least temporarily. I walked out determined to give it a try this evening when I cook the chicken I bought yesterday. My problem is that I left the big fry pan and lid in Miss Daisy and although I am quite sure that Michael, my salesperson, has “rescued” it, I want to combine that trip with also picking up the plates for Mr. George. Crestview, in Georgetown where I bought the RV, is located 140-mile round trip from Henly RV Park. 

I arrived back at Henly and took the dogs out walking for a short distance around the park before returning to Mr. George for the evening meal and watching TV. 

Written 01/09/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com