Would like to see one of these as we haven’t had rain in a long time.

We woke up really late and I crawled out of bed to get ready to face another day in dreamland. The weather was warm and sunny, when we went out for our walk touring the park and the lanes outside before returning for breakfast and coffee for me. As I had no plans for the day, I settled down in front of the computer to not only write but also to post a half dozen blogs that I had already written. This required adding pictures as I usually do before finally posting them on the website which took up quite a bit of my time.  

I followed it up by doing some research on where to acquire an electronic lock for a Class A RV door with not much luck. There are plenty out there ranging in price, but none would fill the hole already cut in the door with the current installed lock. I spent almost a couple of hours on this and in the end, I wrote to a couple of the manufacturers to see what they might recommend. Now it is a case of sit back and wait. In this process, I even temporarily removed the existing lock to measure the hole already cut in the door. I had a couple of other chores to do like empty the tanks and such. Incidentally, the battery on the RV truck engine although appearing to be in good condition, does not hold a charge. I plugged in my battery charger to give it a boost, but it looks like I will need a new battery if I can figure how to get the existing one out. Maybe it will be simpler to drive Mr. George to one of the battery places and let them install it. 

We went out for our usual afternoon walk around the park and along the lane across the bottom of the park before returning for the evening meal and entertainment. 

Written 03/10/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com