The hose in which I was born 86 years ago. There was not a driveway there back then.

Daylight savings time takes a lot of getting used to as it was 11:00 am before we even woke up. True, it had been a restless night and I could not drop off to sleep. I got up to use the bathroom and it was 2:00 am and I had not slept at all. No wonder that when I did finally drop off, I slept for so long. It did not really matter as I had nothing planned. 

We walked around and had breakfast and I cleaned up a bit inside of Mr. George and settled down in front of the computer to write. I had talked to Daniel about the perceived problem with the RV not charging and he stopped by to look and suggested that I might take the battery in to Austin to get it checked. He helped take the battery out which is more than I can handle because it is located in such a difficult spot. I loaded it onto the carrier of the Jeep, strapping it down for safety ready to take it in. 

One of my emails the day before, had notified me that I had mail at PostNet. They have a system whereby you can request a scan of any piece to find out if the contents are important. This particular piece was from Crestview, and I guessed it was the registration for Mr. George which proved to be the case. I made arrangements that I would drive in to pick it along with the other mail. The rest of my mail was the usual junk one seems to collect daily. It would seem to me that with so much junk mail sent out, it would be more profitable to the companies involved to send out a lot less, but then again, what do I know. 

While in Austin, I made a trip to the photo store hoping they would take a couple of no longer needed camera bags off my hands but with no luck. Guess I will just donate them. I looked around at all the wonderful camera stuff they have available but could not think of anything I really needed. It seems that with no longer hiking as much as I used to, so too has my need for a big camera. Now I take more pictures with my cell phone than I do with my new camera. 

From there, I drove down to Walmart’s and stocked up on groceries for the next few days. I wandered around but again could not think of anything that I needed other than groceries and of course, wine. I looked at this and that and did enquire about truck batteries but everything else was food or food related. 

 My final stop before heading home was at Starbucks, of course. Not the one in Dripping Springs though but on Slaughter Lane, one of my old haunts. This allowed me to finally make the drive back to Henly taking what I call the back way through Driftwood. Sort of the scenic route although almost as fast and a lot more picturesque than the main roads with less traffic. Hwy 290 gets very busy during rush hour and not everyone is a safe driver. 

The two little dogs gave me a very warm greeting when I opened the door and helped me in their usual fashion putting away the groceries. Help is not really the right word as they tend to get in the way with their noses stuck into the bags to enjoy the smells. Still, even with all their help, I managed to get everything stowed away before harnessing them up for the final walk of the day around the park. BTW, I had to put on the A/C before leaving as I knew it was going to warm up while I was away. Only in Texas would it require heat one day and A/C the next or even a combination of the two on the same day. 

It is going to take a while to get used to the clocks changing. It was almost 7:30 when we returned to Mr. George, and it was still daylight. Maybe that would account for the lateness in rising this morning. 

Written 03/14/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com