The view from my window of the deer in the Animal Preserve.

We got up early knowing that today is moving day albeit the grand distance of 50 yards to a different site. Our first walk of the day around the park was quiet as we only saw one other dog, walking his master. Following a quick breakfast, I caught up on today’s news and checked emails. Out of around fifty or so, there was only one that required my attention. The rest are mostly junk. Trouble is, I must at least take a quick look to make even that determination. I am very suspicious of anything that requires an answer and generally will not unless I recognize the email address as legit. 

With the usual morning tasks taken care of, I turned my attention to what was at hand, moving Mr. George to Site #4. This is the site I was in with the Eagle before taking the trip around Texas last fall. This one is a gravel site, a bit muddy it rains but definitely cooler in the summer with not having the reflected heat from the blacktop. I packed the carry all on the Jeep with a couple of loads of stuff that I had outside with some of it under the RV. This included the wicker couch and table and big outside mat that I have. I then turned my attention to the RV where I had previously spent some time packing things away or moving them to safer places for the short trip and deeming it ready to roll, jumped in the driver’s seat to start the engine and nothing happened. The battery had gone flat again which is surprising as I had just started it a couple of days ago just to be sure. With no alternative, I hooked up the battery charger, set it to full charge and sat back to wait. 

After about 30 minutes, Daniel showed up and I asked him to watch and be ready to unhook the battery as I jumped into the driver’s seat and turned the key. The engine fired up immediately and Daniel disconnected the charger. The problem is that with the engine running or even just the key in the ignition, the entry steps do their thing and retract back under the RV making it difficult to get in and out and having Daniel there to do the outside work, like disconnecting the battery cables, was a very big help. He stayed with me and directed me to the new site helping to get the location right the first time. He even helped with the levelling because as is the usual problem, the front wheels were off the ground, again. Finally, satisfied that it was the best we could do he drove me back to pick up the Jeep for the last trip. 

The new site has totally different views that the one I just vacated. As I sit and write this blog, I can see the fields across the street where the exotic animals wander around and as I watched, a deer came into view. With the change of site, I am also lined up a bit differently and the afternoon sun shines directly in the widow alongside the desk. This window does not have a blind or shade of any description and knowing this, I had already ordered one for it a couple of days ago. It is due in on Saturday, the sooner the better as the afternoon sun is hot. RVs are notorious for heating up very quickly as with 2-inch walls, there is not much insulation.

The hydraulic springs that I ordered for the bed storage area came in today, something else that I need to work on. Amazon is a great company and so many of the things I order are here in a couple of days and sometimes, the next day. Instant gratification like buying something in a store and walking out of the door with it in your hand, well almost… 

Written 03/31/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com