We got up at a reasonable hour, for us at least, before taking that first walk of the day around the park. We never really went very far and spent some time talking to Daniel as he tried hard to get Mikey to come to him. Mikey sort of approaches but so far, will not get all the way to let Daniel make a fuss of him. 

We had a leisurely breakfast just as we usually do unless I happen to have an appointment, made the bed, and cleaned up Mr. George which does not take very long. There is not a lot of square footage after all although it is surprising the amount of dust we generate. One big problem with all RV’s is the lack of both flat space like counter tops and the lack of storage and drawer space for small things. Consequently, stuff gets left on any flat space available including the floor making for a very untidy appearance. If we had more space, we would have more junk especially after downsizing from an 1800 sq ft house to an area around 200 sq ft. Even though I got rid of or gave away a lot, there is still some stuff that for some reason I wanted to keep. Maybe mementoes of my past life. Even the Jeep has a couple of large containers in it. Tools and papers mostly which I really need to go through and make some challenging decisions on what to keep. I have enough hand tools to pick up where I retired at several different trades some of which, I will never use again. I can barely lift the sledgehammer and the heavy crowbars so why hang on to them. That is the $64,000 question. Pride, I guess, trying hard not to admit that whether I like it or not, I am no longer that person and time is fast running out.  

I sat and read e-mails and then turned my attention to writing the blog. Some days are better than others when it comes to artistic achievement as it appears that the brain is not always switched on. Today was a good day as not only was I able to post a blog complete with pictures, but I also composed two different poems ready for posting. Sometimes, the creative juices just flow and flow, other times, not so much. 

Following the creative work, I sat and listened to an Audio Book, one of the usual harems scarems sort of war stories that I seem to like. Maybe because they have a lot of action with the good guys usually coming out on top. As this story was about the war in Afghanistan, I was rooting for the Americans who were fighting a war they could never win in a country whose inhabitants absolutely hated them. How can you win a war when the population you are trying to save do not want saving? By the way, I still do not understand why the Americans did not just burn all of the poppy fields to stop the drug production which is what the war was all about. 

We finished the day in the usual way with a walk around chatting to a few of the people we met along the way. This is a very nice campground, and I am beginning to know a lot of the permanent residents. Cannot remember their names of course but they all know me. Oh yes, he is the old guy with the two noisy little dogs and is always dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, is probably what they are saying. Just as long as they notice that the clothes are different every two days and are not the same ones…Cannot have people thinking that I am a dirty old man. 

Written 04/13/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com