He is not really alone, there are others close by.

We walked around the park saying hello to several different people before returning to Mr. George for breakfast. As usual, both dogs turned their noses up at what I offered them, and it will sit in their bowls until they are ready to eat. What is that old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”? Same applies to the dogs and my philosophy is that I did my part and if they want to ignore the food or wait for a different time to eat, that is OK with me. They always have water if they need it. Generally, though, they do eat when they are good and ready. 

I had already made arrangements yesterday to drive into Austin to pick up my mail from PostNet and left Mr. George around 11:30 or so following breakfast and a quick scan of the emails. Before computers and cell phones and subsequently the internet, we never worried about this sort of thing and the day would start with different things that were deemed important at the time none of which involved staring at a screen and getting transfixed in the process. In my case, the dumb thing about checking emails is that I get very few of interest or that I should read. The majority are trashed as soon as I find what they are about. In the back of my mind though is that nagging thought about the important one that I might have I missed… 

The drive in was uneventful except for the odd one or two crazy drivers either trying to commit murder or suicide, whichever way you look at it. I wonder what makes some people drive like crazy people. It does not matter how hard you try; you cannot make up time on a short journey by driving fast and it’s just not worth trying neither is it safe. Those drivers rely on the other guy to take the evasive action because of their recklessness. I call them Road Bullies and they come in both sexes. 

There was nothing spectacular in the mail although I did get a check from the IRS for a $101.00. No idea why unless I overpaid on my taxes Could be worse as it could have just as well read that I owed them. Still a $100.00 is a $100.00. Leaving PostNet, I drove to the Walmart’s closest to me and not the usual one that is on my way home in South Austin. Basically, you go to one and it is a replica of any other one and laid out the same. This one though did not have a very big RV section not that I needed anything RV wise. 

I stopped at Starbucks on the way before driving home a different way than the usual 290. I take this what I call, “The back way,” because it involves country roads and a lot less traffic besides being very picturesque. Overall, a very pleasant drive. Back in Henly, I was greeted in a very friendly way by the dogs who, as usual, helped to put the groceries away. Mikey had had another accident and I made a big fuss of him as he looked so worried, and we strapped on their harness and went out for a short walk around the park. 

When we returned, I spent a couple of hours writing in the blog before we went out for the third and final walk of the day. 

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Henly RV Park Day 23 Saturday


I got up early worried about the black tank and a suspected blockage and went outside to open the drains. Things seem to be OK, but it drained for way too long suggesting something inside holding up the flow. The seal which controls the water flow, and the flushing system appears to not be holding so there is not a water barrier between the tank and the open air which allows the tank odors to permeate the bathroom and eventually the RV. I need to do some research and see if there is a chemical method to help the situation. 

We went out for a short walk and as usual, I forgot my phone so will have to guess the distance which I know anyway having walked the same route many times before. Not a clever idea, forgetting the phone as you never know what lies ahead. I might need to call for help which would be tough without a phone. 

I noticed that two of the RV’s a Class A and a Class C that had been parked in sites 31 and 32 were now parked in the space alongside the dumpsters and being curious, wandered over to chat to one of the owners who was sitting outside. Turns out they were both scheduled to leave yesterday but both wives were taken ill requiring a trip to the Emergency Room. Obviously not able to travel, Melinda and Daniel had found them temporary sites albeit without utilities until such time as they can move on. You never know what is around the next corner. Hope things work out for them. 

Following breakfast for both me and the dogs and which incidentally, Mikey did eat, I sat at the computer and caught up on the emails and as usual, nothing of major interest. I suppose that is a good thing in a way because if there was something that required my attention, it may not always be what I really want to attend to, like an unpaid forgotten or even an upcoming bill or a reminder that some subscription or another is due, stuff like that. I don’t mind paying the bills but the subscription especially for any hard copy magazines I used to read in the past, I cancel due to my intermittent delivery service which comprises of me driving to Far West Blvd in Austin to pick it up. Besides, so many of my interests have changed, some enforced due the change of lifestyle and others because I am no longer interested or have grown too old and feeble. For instance, I no longer hike long distances. Now, I take the dogs out walking and make do with that for exercise. 

The last of the cattails have come down in the past couple of days due mainly to the strong winds we have been having. It looks like I will need to get the blower back out and redo everything. I don’t mind as it is an easy job or maybe I will let my newfound kid friend do it for $5.00 as he is always hustling. It is easy work, and the blower is not heavy. Need to wait for the wind to die down otherwise it is an uphill battle or should that read an upwind battle. 

I wrote and posted blogs for a while and now I am completely up to date except of course, for this one. That does not mean too much as I have only to fall behind for a couple of days before I must scramble again to get caught up as nowadays, it I don’t write by the next day, I really do have problems remembering what happened three days before unless it is something exceptional then I must backtrack in my brain and piece together the happenings. 

I was thinking about the septic problem and jumped in the car to drive to Home Depot in Dripping Springs where I was looking at drain products when a couple of Home Depot employees appeared, one singing to me in a very nice deep voice about the products I was looking at. When I got over my surprise, I complemented him on his singing, and we discussed what I was looking for. I explained the problem and he made a recommendation and I walked to the cash register still smiling at his singing. On the way, I happened to pass the crate section and purchased a couple of large size six-inch-high crates for my tools to replace the two deep ones that I currently have my tools stored in. The deep ones are only half full as the tools make the crate too heavy to lift out and are a waste of valuable space. I can use the two new ones stacked one on top of the other to take the place of both tall ones. Then, I will have two more large crates to give away as I did the last time plus the ever-precious storage space for one more crate, probably the one in the back of the Jeep. 

Back in Mr. George, I harnessed the dogs, and we went out for a short walk before returning to sit outside for a while watching the world go by not that there was very much activity in that direction. The RV’s parked by the dumpster are now down to one as the Class A had moved to another site. I chatted to the owner of the remaining RV, and he said that he is moving on Monday to site #8 while they wait for their respective wives to heal and feel better before they move on. Apparently, the two RV’s travel together and have gone all over the country. 

Back inside of Mr. George, we prepared and ate the evening meal before settling down to watch TV. 

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