The storage area with the increased space

We all slept well not waking until 9:30 am. Showered and clean clothes later we walked out of the door for a quick stroll around the park. My temporary neighbors were sitting outside but so was their dog, so we walked in the opposite direction. Why look for trouble even if it just of the barking kind. When we got back, I thought about the septic problem and added a second dose of additive that I had bought yesterday in the hope that it will help. Time will tell. 

After breakfast for me as the dogs had not eaten their food from the night before, I settled down to read and write. There was nothing interesting in the News or at least that affected me, so I turned my attention to reading emails which were about the same as the News, nothing interesting. I junked nearly all of them except some of the ones that I get from the different RV organizations especially those with helpful hints. I keep those for future reference. 

Today was going to be one of those days with nothing planned or that needed my attention and therefore, I could do anything or nothing depending on how I felt. I did have one project in mind that I had bought the short totes for yesterday especially for that reason and harnessed up the dogs so they could at least sit outside and watch. Even though, given the opportunity, they wanted to help, I have found from years of experience that Doggy help is usually more of a hindrance than actual help but at least they could observe. 

The project that I had in mind was to take out the tall totes that were only half full, from the storage area and replace them with the shorter ones that can be stacked. This would increase the storage space available by decreasing the space taken up by the totes themselves. I could just fill the large totes to the brim but then they would be too heavy to lift out. By transferring the contents of three large totes into the two smaller ones I created more space which also enabled me to unload the large tote from the Jeep full of goodness knows what that I deem important enough to hang onto and place it in the RV storage area. I ended up with space left over and three large totes to give away. BTW, the totes contain mostly hand tools that I brought with me that most of which, will never get used. I should have sorted them and only brought a few that I might need but tools have always held a special part of my life, so along they all came. I even have a battery-operated chain saw that I put to good use to cut off a dead branch sticking out in the way. That, after the branch had got up and jabbed me in the ribs. 

 I offered the totes to the first person I saw who was walking her dog and we chatted for a while as she was one of the ladies that had gotten sick earlier. I told her if she wanted the totes, they would be in the laundry room. After leaving her to walk her dog, I did just that, dropped off the three totes for anyone who may want them. I not only consolidated the storage available in the RV but also made more space available in the Jeep. Overall, a very worthwhile project. 

Feeling good about the work we had just done; I took the dogs out for another walk around the park and when we returned, we sat outside for a while just watching the world go by before going inside for the evening. 

Written 04/25/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 25 Monday


I slept like the proverbial baby and woke up late which did not matter very much as we have nothing planned. After the usual morning ablutions, we went out for a short walk. The weather looked very threatening and there was rain and heavy thunderstorms forecast for our area. 
Back in Mr. George, we had breakfast followed by the usual things we do almost every day, reading and trashing most of the emails, responding to a couple, and then spending time on Facebook which is really another waste of my time. Very occasionally, something catches my eye and I follow up on it but most of the time, it is comprised of people full of their own self-importance, posting things about themselves and only interesting to them in the hope that others will comment. Occasionally, I do just that more out of frustration at their stupidity or ignorance and even in agreement. Sometimes, not often, there might be a good piece, that I will repost. Everyone has an opinion and Facebook lets you share yours with whoever wants to read it regardless of what your opinion may be. This is no longer the age of Aquarius, and anything goes. 

The weather took a turn for the worst, and it came on to rain really hard with intermittent flashes of lightning followed by thunder so loud and close enough to shake the RV. The storm finally blew over and it rained steadily off and on for the rest of the day. We sat inside and I continued writing while keeping an eye open. It was cool enough that I had to put on the portable heater and my sweater. During one of the thunder booms or a gust of strong wind, the bird feeders on the shepherd’s crook blew over which I did not notice until it was time to take the dogs out walking. By then, it had left off raining, and we went out for a short walk around the park. I ventured out onto Henly Loop and before we had gone 25 yards, at least 5 cars had passed us going in both directions. That did it as we immediately did an about turn and headed back into the safety of the park. I don’t know what it is with modern day drivers bur not one of them slowed down as they passed. Nobody should be in that much hurry when both human and animal lives are at risk. These are probably locals that live on the Loop, as the Loop is closed at one end for road work, and they should know better. Maybe, they just dislike campers but more probably is that they just are not thinking, and they are so used to driving the road that it is automatic. 
We finished the walk, and I re-installed the bird feeders before I went into Dripping Springs to go to HEB. The traffic was light maybe because it was later than I normally go into town. The Fun Fair with its Ferris Wheel and Swings and such had left town so that helped too. HEB was not crowded at all, and I walked around with a list in my hand but as usual, bought more stuff than was on that list. I always do as the list is only for the essentials or for something special that I normally don’t remember. I checked out and made my way to the Home Depot as I needed to buy graphite spray or something similar as one of the locks on Mr. George was playing up. This took longer than expected and I asked three different employees who each directed me somewhere else before I finally located what I needed. I stopped at Starbucks and bought a Latte before driving back to Henly where I was greeted by the excited dogs. As usual, they got in the way as I put the groceries away, but we succeeded, and went out for a short walk just so they could do their thing.  

Back inside Mr. George, I was glad to close the door on a miserable day, weatherwise as we settled in for the evening. 

Written 04/25/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com