The deer on the walk late in the evening


I am watching a particularly good show on the television called Longmire and have managed to get through a whole bunch of the series. It keeps me amused and this time, the story is centered around a Sherrif in a small town right outside of an Indian Reservation with various and different goings on. It is interesting enough to keep me up late or should that be early as it was 1:00 am when I went to bed. I still managed to get up at 9:00 am although, we have nothing planned for the day except a trip to HEB. 

We walked the park and all signs of last evenings storm had already gone. Even the grass had dried out and it was hard to believe that it rained so hard in such a short time. Uzi caught up with us on his bike just to make a fuss of Sandy and I do feel sorry for him alone as he is with no other kids around the park. Not much of a life for a kid. That is one of the problems with home schooling as he is missing out on a lot of things by not going to school. He may be smart enough to keep up his grades, but he does not have the companionship or the learning experience that is associated with going to school with a bunch of other kids. For one thing, he has no social life and is not learning social skills and how to interact with other kids both the good ones and the bullies. 

Back in Mr. George, we had breakfast and then I sat in front of the computer as I usually do. The number of emails is dropping, thanks to my deliberate “Unscribing” of those deemed unnecessary and uninvited. I should probably unscribe from Man U as they are starting to become a nuisance with increased e-mails and news clips most of them are uninteresting. They are not playing that great anyway and I am perfectly content to watch their games and leave it at that. Guess, I am not their greatest fan anymore. I do not understand their they had some really good young players that were developing well, playing in the first team, and sold them off to other clubs opting instead to spend millions of Dollars (Pounds) on older tried and trusted players, most of whom have not worked out. Just my opinion, of course. I spent time working on the blog and we are up to date with the postings. 

I thought about it after looking in the refrigerator that I really should make that trip to HEB and went about the process of getting ready, putting on my shoes and grabbing my hat. Prior to that, I found a few treats for the dogs, but I think they are wise to me and know they are not coming along. So, they ignore the treats. I said goodbye and walked out the door locking it behind me and got in the car. I was about to start it up and I could hear this most pitiful howling and crying coming from inside Mr. George. I have never heard them kick up a fuss before when I left to go to the store and have no idea what started this off. I turned off the car and unlocked the RV door to face two very dejected looking dogs. I tried to keep a straight face and firmly told them that they could not come as I was going in the grocery store and to “Shut up.” The last syllable in a raised voice which appeared to do the trick as I did not hear another peek as I left. Whether they howled while I was gone, I have no idea. That has never happened before at least when I shut the door. No telling after that. 

The HEB trip was just a formality as I only had a brief list and this time, I did not add to it as I usually do. Even so, it cost me $99.00. Maybe, if I had not stopped at the wine counter to purchase a couple of bottles of sweet Chardonnay, I could have cut the bill down by quite a bit but what the heck, I need to pack as much enjoyment into the few years I have left and after all, it is only money and I will not have any use for it when I go to that other place, whichever one it will be. Wonder if they drink wine there? Incidentally, thinking of the cost of food. It certainly is a lot more expensive since the pandemic started. Supply and demand and lack of workforce contribute to a lot. I see “Hiring” signs everywhere I look even in a small place like Dripping Springs and both HEB and Starbucks, the two places I stopped today, are advertising for help. I do not need a job so count me out… 

I drove back to Henly, and my timing was good with little traffic as opposed to when I drove in at the height of the homegoing rush hour. When you get caught up in this, it takes almost 30 minutes to cover about 3 miles, all stop and start. It is not helped by umpteen school busses pulling out loaded with homeward bound students from three different schools along the route. I need to work on my timing and go shopping in the late morning around mid-day. 

The dogs were overjoyed to see me and after I made a fuss and carried in the groceries, they helped to put them away, sort of. Mostly it was noses in the bags for the interesting smells there. It had warmed up considerably and this was the hottest day of the year so far with the temperature hitting 95 degrees and I opted to wait a while before taking the last walk of the day. Not that it will cool down very much, but every degree cooler helps. 

It was 7:30 when we took that last walk of the day. Other campers were doing the same thing making the most of the cooler temperatures even by a few degrees. There was a nice breeze which helped a lot. It looks like, Summer has finally arrived here in Texas. By the way, the overnight temperatures was 72 degrees, hotter than some countries summers. I sat outside until it got dark and then adjourned inside Mr. George for the evening. 

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Henly RV Park Day 7 Saturday


We slept the sleep of the innocent not waking until 10:00 am. And even then, it was the sound of the A/C that awoke me. This at 10:00 am, in the morning and already the A/C is kicking in? It is going to be a doozy today to be this hot this early. Still, we have no plans and can stay inside in the cool. The one thing I dislike about it is that I need to keep the shades down as there is so much reflected heat comes in through the windows, especially the big front ones, none of which are tinted, on Mr. George which means, I cannot see what is going on around me. People watching is half of the fun. 

We took our walk around the park running into Uzi out riding his bike. He made a fuss of Sandy and tried with Mikey but with no luck. As it was already almost 90 degrees we did not walk far or spend too much time outside returning for our respective breakfasts and coffee for me. I tried a new concept today and cracked an egg into microwave safe bowl to see if it would cook in the Microwave. Two minutes later, I had a nicely cooked egg. Probably be more of a problem trying to scramble it but I will try that next time. Cook 10 seconds, stir, cook 10 more seconds, stir, and repeat until it is done. It’s all in the timing…I could of course, use the stove top but that would mean having to re-arrange the stuff stacked on top of the large cutting board, on top of the fitted countertop, on top of the stove…As you can tell, there is never enough countertop space inside an RV which is one reason that it is hard to keep the place looking tidy as there is not enough drawer or storage space either. The one wide open space is the floor and is used often…. 

We sat and wrote for a couple of hours. I am so far out on posting by almost 4 weeks, that I have had to resort to combining two days into one in an effort to catch up. My very good friend BJ complained that she did not know what I was doing yesterday or the day before as the blogs reflected things from a month ago. She has a point as I post 5 days a week with Saturday reserved for poetry and nothing on Sunday. As the week is 7 days long, I have been gaining 2 days per posting week resulting in me being ahead by almost a month. Hopefully, the two a day posts will rectify that at least until I am caught up. I always need a cushion just in case my brain dries up or I cannot write or a host of other reasons. I do not know why I am so fussy as I have very few readers and even less followers. Unlike the other blog that I used to write about ponds and such, this one is not anywhere near as popular probably because it is more of a diary of my daily events rather than a bunch of interesting stories. Still, it keeps my brain active which is the real reason that I write. When I can no longer make any more sense, it will be time to move into that Old Folks Home, heaven forbid. Besides, my daily life is the only thing I know anymore with no more ponds and all that went with them. That was my other life and now, all in the past. These stories are the present. 

I had sent away for an extended Lense through Amazon and as I had received many items before from this company, delivered to the Henly Loop address, that is the one I used only to discover that the order had been shipped by USPS which does not deliver to the RV park. I have no idea why as none of the other carriers have any problems with leaving stuff at the Office. More Government red tape. Anyway, Amazon has promised a refund, so I went ahead and reordered using my box mailing address in Austin. It should be here on Tuesday. So bloody frustrating. 

I spent most of the afternoon doing nothing except to potter around inside of Mr. George tidying up and such. It reached 98 degrees and even when we went out walking later in the day, it was still hot. Texas summer has arrived as it is forecast for the mid to high 90’s all week. Wonder when the first 100-degree day will be? Following our walk, we adjourned to the RV and just sat around. Today sure was a lazy day, shades of things to come… 

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