There is even more room when the slide is out.

I awoke early even though I went to bed in the early hours of the morning…again. Gotta stop watching the TV. We went out walking around the park and the bottom road, but it was quiet outside, and we did not see any other campers walking except in the distance. 

We returned for breakfast and sat for a while just contemplating. My body was relaxed but my mind was going a mile-a-minute making plans for the upcoming exchange. My friend BJ and I have been producing names for the last three RVs. It’s sort of a competition between us. The new one’s official model name is Precept which does not really lend itself to a natural name as Mr. George did in the model’s name, Georgetown, the previous RV and Eagle which was also the model’s name for the first one. The only other one that was different was Miss Daisy for Leprechaun, the second RV. We both make suggestions and one or the other either approves or vetoes. BJ totally banned any form of a women’s name this time because she reasoned that the front of this RV is too imposing and not a bit feminine. It struck me that this is the 4th RV in three years (and the last) and the name Quatro came to mind. I suggested it to BJ, and she thought it an excellent choice so that is what the new RV will be called. Quatro. The male in me would still have liked a feminine name though. Oh well… Actually, it is the 5th RV in three years, but I only kept the first one for two weeks and traded in both RV and truck for the Eagle. 

I have no plans for the day except to do some packing. The problem is, I am using a lot of the kitchen stuff daily. Things like clothes are easy to transfer. I can’t do a lot until a couple of days before the switch. Even in boxes, there is no place to store them except outside under the tarps and I do not want to start that until a couple of days prior to the swap. There is rain in the forecast, so I want to wait as late as possible. It’s the parts for the slide repairs that are holding things up. That and my impatience although I do have some control over that…Not much though. 

I looked around Mr. George and decided that, if I want to start to do some packing, there is just enough space to put the totes on the floor by the desk. I set to work and put things into the plastic totes and boxes that I had purchased cleaning out areas that I know would not impact our living for the next few days. I left the necessities and concentrated on the things we would not be needing. The space inside Mr. George is quickly shrinking with the addition of the totes and boxes as I have no place to put them outside just yet. At least, it is pretty much down to clothes and the contents of the refrigerator, and I can eat some of that in the next few days. I have a box left for the clothes and a cooler I will use to store and transport the food with a bag of ice. I reached a point where I had to stop because I ran out of indoor space. The plan is to leave as much here under cover and only have food and such to transfer. This will quicken up the entire process considerably and then when I get back with Quatro, I can concentrate on reloading everything at my leisure. All of this is just for the inside. The outside storage has a lot of totes with tools and such that will also need to be stacked outside under the tarps, but I can get started on this as soon as I know when the repair man is coming to fix the slide. And I thought I had nothing to do for a while. Silly me… 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion. We went out for a walk around the property before returning for the evening meal and the usual TV. Incidentally, the temperature reached 98 degrees today. 

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Henly RV Park Day 17 Wednesday


My new home. Notice there is no ladder for roof access.

I got up late even after going to bed at a reasonable hour. I just needed sleep, I guess. We went out for our morning walk and ran into Daniel and his helper, Uzi. While Uzi made a fuss of Sandy, I discussed my upcoming plans with Daniel asking if it was OK to stack the stuff outside under tarps while I did the switch. He OK’d the idea which means I can start building the pile anytime I want to start. As everything hinges on James, the RV repair guy, I am still a bit up in the air not wanting to store the stuff outside in case it rains. I figure that a few hours of work will suffice to move all the boxes and totes outside and under the tarps. The impatient me really hates this waiting around. 

With being in such a state of limbo, I really did not have much I could do for a while except admire the mess inside Mr. George. I do have one more box and I could pack the clothes but have no place to put the box when it is full. As I sat and thought about the problem, I considered calling the Crestview Rep and had his card in front of me when the phone rang, and it was him. What a coincidence. We discussed the possibilities and finally set up a time and date to make the transfer, which is for Tuesday 24th, giving me 6 days to stack all the boxes outside. There should be plenty of time and I should have an empty RV when we make the exchange. Now, all I need is to have some patience to wait it out and find things to do in the meantime. 

I sat and relaxed for a while before harnessing up the dogs for the afternoon walk. We wandered around and even ventured on the outside road walking up to US 290. Hardly any cars passed us now that the loop is open to traffic making it much safer to walk out there. I have not seen any of the exotics in a while and can only assume they must be in a different part of the ranch. 

We finished the day in the usual fashion and then watched Liverpool play Chelse in the FA Cup final. I got my money’s worth on that one as it went into overtime and penalty kicks with Liverpool coming out the winners. As an additional bonus, I did not know who the winners were this time around unlike most of the games I watch which are always spoiled by the score lines shown and updated as the games are played even as I am watching a different game. I know that the TV producers think they are doing us a favor, but they are spoiling it for us. I lose a lot of enjoyment in watching if I already know the result. So frustrating. 

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