06/07/2022 Tuesday

I awoke to an almighty pain in my right wrist. It was so bad that I could not move it without it hurting. With nothing else to do for it, I jumped in the car and headed into Bastrop to the Emergency Room. Where after two long hours and half a dozen x-rays, it was determined that I had developed Tendonitis and they fitted me with a brace, told me to take 600 milligrams Ibuprofen and sent me on my way. It was still hurting like hell. I made my way to HEB as I needed some things and could buy the Ibuprofen there. What I did not know and had to ask is that 600 milligrams are a total of three tablets at a time. I thought it came in 600 milligram single tablets. Silly me. I called BJ to let her know what was happening and she promised to keep tabs on me through the day. Nice to have a friend. 

I drove back to the RV complaining bitterly to myself and wincing with the pain in my wrist every time I tried to do something and stopped at the office …again. Good job that I did as what I had thought we had arranged just was not, in fact, what was going to happen. I was under the impression that by switching sites, I was going to be able to remain here through Monday but that was not the case. Apparently, even after switching sites, I must pull out on Friday before noon time. What a mix-up. 

Back at Quatro, I took the dogs for a short walk just to relieve themselves and then set to work in storing everything inside the RV for even with a short move, thing jostle around. I followed the usual procedures to get us ready to move but forgot to pick up the jacking blocks and when I did pull out, I ran over them breaking them into a thousand tiny pieces. I drove straight to site2 forgetting that I needed to empty the tanks enroute and only remembered after I had reset up Quatro. I lowered the jacks and drove over to the dump station and emptied both tanks before heading back to the site and resetting up all over again. It does not take long to set up the coach as long as the site is fairly level and takes longer organizing inside rather than outside. By the time I was finished with all these exertions, I was soaked, weary and tired and wanted nothing more other than sit in the A/C and rest a bit. By then though, it was time for dog walkies so off we went heading for the lake where we sat for a while enjoying the scenery and not doing a great deal of actual walking. 

I had placed a call with the Super at the next campground in Salado to see if they had a spot for me to come in early. He called me back later to say that they did, and he would see me on Friday. Thank goodness for that and now we have a place to go. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing after a very painful and tiring day. In fact, I relaxed so much that I woke up at 2:00 am still sitting in the chair. Apparently, I had turned off the TV and settled back down again instead of going to bed, which of course I did immediately and slept all the way through 8:30 am refreshed and ready to face a new day. 

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LCRA South Shore Park, Bastrop Day 8

06/08/2022 Wednesday

After a very late night or more probably, early morning and with waking up at 8:30 am, we went out for the mornings walk and spent time just sitting on a bench and watching the lake. It was very peaceful and relaxing before returning to Quatro for breakfast. Luckily, there were no more painful surprises or trip to the Emergency Center. Following the walk, we had breakfast which the dogs ignored, and I settled down to play catch up on the blog site. Having to wear this brace does not help my typing skills which are not great at the best of times. The bottom of the brace is solid for support, and it raises my hands off the keyboard and the mouse making life just that much more difficult.  
Today is really the last day that we have any free time as tomorrow is taken with the trip to the Doctors for both me and the dogs and maybe that haircut if I can fit it in, Friday, we pull out to Salado, the start of the new trip to sights and places unknown. 
I drove into Bastrop to get some keys made after calling ahead to make sure they were open. The last couple of times I have physically tried, and they have been closed, out on a call. I also made a stop at Walmart’s to replace the wheel chocks that I managed to run over and crush into a thousand pieces, yesterday. Of course, I had to buy food and wine as well…On the way back, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced Latte which tasted good but did not last very long and incidentally, was an expensive drink at a little over $5.00 with tax. The temperature was 98 degrees and is supposed to reach that dreaded 100-degree mark tomorrow not that a couple more degrees make any noticeable difference although everything I touch is hot if it is out in the full sun even to the point of burning the skin. I have two A/C units and a couple of fans and they are working overtime mainly because the front window’s face the sun with absolutely, no shade. Drawing the blinds helps keep out the sun but heat is still generated behind the blind and finds its way into the RV. 

When I returned, we sat around in the A/C trying to stay cool before heading out for the last walk of the day which again, was a short one. 

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LCRA South Shore Park, Bastrop Day 9

06/09/2022 Thursday

We got up early knowing that we had a busy day ahead of us. After a short walk followed by a quick breakfast, we loaded everyone into the Jeep and hit the road. The drive into Austin was with heavy traffic to be expected early in the day and our first stop was at Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital, the one I have been taking my pets to for these past 30 years. Not knowing what the future may bring, it was with some nostalgia as I walked through the doors. So many memories and so many pets. Some to recover and others to pass on over the Rainbow Bridge despite the efforts of the veterinarians and staff. Each had a memory, and all had a lot of tears when they finally succumbed. Even the staff has changed with only one of the Office Managers and Dr. Vargas of the original staff. To be expected over 30 odd years that I have been coming here. 

I checked the dogs in much to their dismay and walked out of the door without looking back. This time, unless they discovered something drastic, it was for their annual checkup and all the necessary shots. I chose the best out of the three programs that they offered as to me; the dogs are worth it being my only companions this late in life. 
From there, I headed into Dripping Springs taking time on the way to call ahead for a hairdresser appointment. I had some time to kill and wandered around the Home Depot but did not find anything that I needed. So big a change from years ago when every time I walked into any Home Depot store, I wanted everything that they had to offer, almost. Times have changed…again. By then, it was time for that haircut performed by a young lady who claims to have cut it before. Maybe she has but all young women look alike nowadays. I paid her and left her a generous tip as she did an excellent job, and I am still vain enough to appreciate the workmanship even though the only ones who will see it are the dogs who do not care what I look like as long as I smell the same. 

Then it was time to see Doctor who I have been visiting for over 20 years. After I was checked in, I sat for a while in an almost empty waiting room before it was my turn. We went through the usual procedures and when we were through, I pointed out the thing on my arm that has been bothering me. My doctor took one look and said, “I will be back” which he did carrying an assortment of packages including a Hypo which I viewed with some distaste. Bottom line is that he cut out the entire growth to send off for tests, stuck a band aid on it and sent me on my way with the promise to call me with the results. 

I hustled out of there before he could find something else and headed to my car as the next step was to pick up my mail. Before I left, I received a call from my new vet who filled me in with the details and said it would be at least 30 more minutes. I told her that I would go and pickup my mail first before coming back to pick up the guys. The trip to Far West was long and frustrating as the traffic was so bad. All stop and start and a lot of crazy, impatient drivers. I was impatient too but driving like a lunatic was not the way to solve it. I eventually arrived and chatted to the staff while waiting for the mail and we discussed the upcoming move and how to proceed from there. 

I dove back to the Vets which is located just outside of Oak Hill and was met by two extremely excited and incredibly happy dogs. I paid my bill, which incidentally was over a $1000.00 and include a 6 month’s supply of heartworm and flea and tick pills but they got the full treatment. We all jumped back in the car with both dogs happy to be away from that awful place. It took a while for them to calm down enough for me to drive safely but we eventually headed home stopping at Starbucks for a Latte along the way. 

We arrived back at Quatro very late afternoon and went out for a short walk. After their busy day and getting pulled in every direction during their examinations, they were tired and not much interested in walking. Come to that, neither was I as it was almost 100 degrees out and bloody hot. We adjourned back to the relative comfort of the RV where the dogs immediately fell asleep. Incidentally, I filled the Jeep with gas and paid $4.36 a gallon for a total bill of around $75.00 and that was at the cheapest place I could find on the trip with some as high as $4.80 cents a gallon. Cannot wait to fill Quatro with its 8o gallon tank and maybe 8 MPG. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. Tomorrow, I will make the RV ready for travel, hook up the Jeep and try to be out of here no later than 11:30 am. It is less than 100 miles to the next stop where I plan to stay for 10 days. 

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