I sat here with nothing much to do 
having finished writing my blog 
looking for words to put on a page 
which I could only find very few 
sometimes my brain overflows with thoughts 
other times it slows, and I have no words 
those are the times when my brain is dead 
and I sit and look at a blank screen instead 
today was just one of those days 
try as I might the words would not come 
so instead of writing I fixed me a drink 
a glass of wine to help me think 
the wine tasted so good I forgot the words 
that I intended writing here 
so instead of putting pen where I should 
I drank wine lots of wine until I felt good 
by then the words were all jumbled up 
after three or more glasses of the stuff 
and so, my writing for the day 
ended when I had drank enough. 

Just kidding…

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