We got up at a respectable hour and went out for the first walk of the day around the park and we sort of hopped from one shady area to the next although it was not extremely hot…yet. Back in Quatro, we had breakfast and tidied up a bit which does not take long in such a small space. The dogs found their hidey places and at once zonked off. What a life. 
I got on the computer and worked on the blog and posted yesterday which brings us up to date, a good thing too as my friend, BJ, berates me if I get too far behind. Says that she does not want to read “old” news. I spent time on RV Trip Wizard and located and then made reservations for the next stop. I decided to stay 2 weeks at Ozark Country RV Park in Branson, Missouri which will make this the third State on this trip so far. It is only a short drive of about 125 miles. It is always a risky or maybe the word should be “chancey” business selecting campsites as the only thing to go on are the reviews that people take the time to post. It helps if there are several then you can get a general feel for what people are saying instead of just an individual’s comments. Photo’s also help a lot to get the view of the place. I also remembered to check and make sure that Branson is not a “dry” city which it is not, otherwise I would need to stock up on wine along the way… 

With our next stop planned, I turned my attention to installing the new fire/smoke/carbon monoxide alarm. My problem of course is that I am only 5’8’’ tall and shrinking so things higher than my extended arms are a worry. I have an collapsible ladder that I use outside as needed but not a step ladder so I had to compromise. Luckily, I have an 18” inches square metal step I bought originally to use outside of the RV as when the jacks are down, the bottom entrance step is about 10-12 inches off the ground, which is pushing it for my old and short legs.  

This portable step adjusts from 6 inches to 8 inches and is a very useful gadget. Most of the time, it is situated at the foot of the bed because there is a 16-inch step to get up first and then the bed which is another 16 inches higher. The RV was designed this way not only to let the rear slide in but also to give more storage space underneath. The slide is designed to extend outwards to open, and the entire bed moves and when extended, there is room to move around the bed. When it is in, there is no room to get past the bottom of the bed but it is only in for travelling.

Installing the alarm was a simple job and although a bit precarious, I managed to complete it with no problem. It took me longer to find my electric screwdriver than it did to do the work which, by the way, I had very carefully placed in its own box along with the charger and a box of bits and then forgot where I put the box. Go figure…It was hiding in plain view, as the saying goes. 

I watched as a large camper came in and the driver went into the office before driving into the park. He stopped for a while by what was probably his assigned space, I guess sizing it up before taking off down the road never to return. Interesting. He had a big 5th wheel and maybe thought the site was not long enough for him or because it did not have any shade. Anything different or odd is exciting to us bored campers. Just kidding as I am far from bored and love having to do only what either needs to be done or what I choose to-do. Thinking about it, the older full-time campers that travel as couples must be highly compatible and in general agreement on most things being cooped up in close quarters as they are. I wonder what they do for “alone” time or if they even have any such thing. Just curious as I do not have that problem as me and the dogs get along just fine. 
With the alarm installed and with nothing else of importance left to do, I settled down to write for a while. If I am caught up, I usually try to write a poem if the reproductive juices are flowing. If not, then it is time to find something else to do or do nothing at all. My choice. 
Another Class B van camper pulled in towing a small boat and parked a couple of spaces away. They did not have any set up to worry about and in short time, were sitting outside in their lawn chairs relaxing. I considered it time to take the dogs out walking and we wandered by and stopped to chat with them. They are only here overnight and were originally coming in for a Blue Grass Festival. 

We continued on our walk around the park and down on the mowed field below the campground with nothing unusual happening on the walk. Mikey would still not do his business which worries me as he has pooped in the RV a couple of times, and I do not want him to get into those sort of habits. Sandy has no problems doing what she needs to do, and I keep telling Mikey that Sandy is “a good little girl” which probably does not help. We sat for a while outside the RV enjoying the slight breeze which felt good before returning inside for the usual evening’s entertainment. Actually, that is not quite trues as I did tune in to the Jan 6th Hearing and watched it until it finished. It was interesting and damning for Trump due to his efforts, or lack of efforts to do anything about it. Probably will not make any difference and nothing will happen to him, and his supporters will be even stronger especially if he does get off Scot free. Don’t get me started on that guy…. 
Written 07/21/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com