Main Stree, Mountain View

We went out for our mornings walk and the first thing that I noticed is that the new neighbors with the Class B van have already packed up and left. Much different than me as I like to stay in a park for a few days and usually a week or more at a time. Then again, my set up and break down takes a lot longer than theirs as all they had to do was hookup the boat and of course, their Class B van is much easier to drive than Quatro. 

We continued our walk and lo and behold, Mikey did his thing and we both made a big fuss of him. Well, at least I did with Sandy looking at him as if to say, “what is so special about going to poop”? Still, it made me feel a lot better as I was worried that his lack of going to the bathroom was a warning sign that something might be wrong with him. 
Back at Quatro, we sat outside in the shade for a while enjoying the morning. This is a very quiet and peaceful park and as far as I can tell, me and my neighbors on both sides are the only visitors. All the other campers are permanent residents plus the people in the cabins. Back inside, we ate breakfast before settling down in front of the computer. I wonder what I would do for entertainment when computing was in its infancy, if this was say, 20 years ago and our life was as it is today. Then again, I would be 20 years younger and a lot fitter than I am now and would probably be hiking every day. Heck, I was still playing football of the English variety with a round ball, 20 years ago, kicking and getting kicked by my friends and the others who wanted a piece of me. Can’t dwell in the past and must live for today and hope there are a lot more tomorrows. 

I decided to go into town just to take a look and I am glad that I did. This is an old town and was incorporated in 1890. From the look of the buildings, not much has changed on the Main Street and City Square at least construction wise. I walked around for a bit taking pictures and then drove out of town on the road that we will be taking. It leads up a mountain but hopefully, will not have as many hairpin bends and as twisty as the last one. 

When I got back, I harnessed up the dogs for a short walk as it was way too hot to stay outside. Then I worked on the pictures that I took of the town and will incorporate them into the blog. This is a very nice part of the country with the mountains that do not tower as one would imagine but look like tall hills covered in trees and forests. Very beautiful. 

Later on, we took a longer walk as it had cooled down by a couple of degrees and then sat outside watching the world go by. Maybe that should read, hoping something passes by. We were in luck as my next-door neighbor took his baby who is just starting to walk well, and his dog and they wandered around the park giving us something to watch. The occasional car drove either out or in with the drivers giving us a wave as they passed. The people are friendly enough and when we meet them, usually stop to talk although in one case, I could hardly understand anything the old guy was saying. 
Back inside of Quatro, I fixed the dogs their evening meal before attending to myself and we finished the day in the usual fashion. 

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More Main Street

Mountain View RV Park, Mountain View AK – Saturday Day 6 07/23/2022

The Mountains beyond the city.

I crawled out of bed and hit the shower which incidentally, cycles between hot and cold with me reaching for the knobs to make rapid adjustments. At least, the cold part wakes me up. We went out and walked for a bit and the walk was nothing out of the ordinary. Basically, a slow stroll around with the dogs alternating in peeing and smelling the roses. Back inside of the RV, I prepared breakfast but both dogs ignored what I put in front of them so I can only assume that they either do not like the stuff or are not hungry. Maybe both. 

Following the meal, I sat down to read emails removing most of them and answering the couple that needed my attention, before turning to writing the blog. My thoughts turned to the upcoming trip on Monday and what I need to do in preparation. I have the routine down pretty well but must go over things in my mind to make sure that everything is complete. The one thing I sometimes forget it to turn off the LP gas at the tank when we are travelling. I will begin to store things inside of the RV tomorrow putting things in the places they go for the journey, leaving only the outside things to do on travel day, Monday. We have a relatively short trip of 120 miles which should not be too bad. I took a chance on the next campground and have booked it for two weeks. 

I use PostNet for my mail and I can view scanned versions of any mail get if I think it necessary or as I did this time, they package everything up and send it on to whatever address I tell them to. As I have booked two weeks at the next stop, I have asked for it to be sent on to that campground. None of this is free, of course but it does enable me to lead a sort of normal life. The only difference that instead of the US Postal service automatically delivering 6 days a week to a fixed address, I must request delivery to any of the campground addresses that I have at that particular time. Small price to pay. One thing it did make me do and that is cancel subscriptions to magazines and such that I considered no longer necessary. Things like Ponds and Gardens and House Beautiful and such. Just kidding on the last one. 

I went into town to the local Walmart’s to get a few things that we were getting low on. I like to be prepared when we are moving as I never know how close the nearest stores are until I get there to find out. We would never starve as there are plenty of cans of food and stuff in the freezer, but I might run out of necessities, like milk for coffee or even wine. Heaven forbid if that happens. Just kidding as it nice to enjoy a glass in the evenings but it is certainly not a necessity, and I am not an alcoholic…yet. 
Back at the RV, the dogs helped to put the groceries away, sort of before we harnessed up to take a short walk. I forgot to mention that I bought a straw cowboy hat in Walmart’s for the grand price of $11.69. Considering that I paid almost $90.00 for the hat I normally wear from a different store, I thought I had a bargain. The problem with the expensive one is that it is not really for the summer as it is too hot and has no air circulation.  

I sat and wrote as the pork chops and chicken cooked on the indoor grill and the odor of cooking meat wafted through the RV. Quite a pleasant smell and it made me hungry. So, I settled for a few crackers to tide me over. With the cooking done and things cleaned up and put away, we went out for the final walk of the day wandering around the park and on the field below before returning for the evening. 

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