I thought about the life at hand  
just me and my two little dogs 
travelling in my RV 
whatever direction that we see. 

We plan the trips and hope to find 
campgrounds where we like to stay 
a week at a a time and maybe more 
travelling the roads along the way 

We have started to go to different states 
and currently in Arkansas 
with whatever time is left to me 
hope that they leave me in awe. 

We are up in the mountains a beautiful sight 
with trees and forest along the way 
but I guess we are closer to the sun 
as the temperature is a hundred and one. 

Our next move to a different park 
is still in this beautiful State 
and maybe it will cooler be 
with more trees the shade to make 

The driving of my very big rig 
is an experience in this State 
up and down the mountainous hills 
hoping to the bottom we make. 
Or maybe it is to the top 
with the engine roaring as it drives 
pulling along a lot of weight 
with everything I own packed inside. 

Towing a Jeep to run around 
when we are parked for a while 
shopping at Walmart’s and other stores 
groceries and such and maybe more. 

And if a Starbuck’s close at hand 
to finish of these wondrous days 
as they are few and far between 
as I have changed so much in my ways 
Tomorrow I will go into town 
and see just what may be there 
apart from Walmart’s that I know 
maybe a Barber’s so they can cut my hair 

I will end this silly rhyme 
as it gets worse the more I write 
that is what happens when you have the time 
with nothing pressing or in sight. 

Written 07/19/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com