We took our usual walk and then ate breakfast. I prepared a special one for the dogs which they gobbled down. I have concluded that they just do not like canned Dog food as they ignored it last evening as well even to the point of not eating the added chicken that I put on the top. So, no more canned food? What can I feed them instead? More problems to worry about. 

I sat down to write to stay caught up as tomorrow will be a busy day for us with the next trip. There will not be time to dawdle over the blog as I do on most days. I sat and thought about what needed to be done and what I could do at once. Putting on my outdoor shoes, I went out and did things like putting the outdoor chair into its bag and folding the outdoor mats that I have under the entry steps. I stored these in one of the compartments along with the folding trash bag. On the back side, the dirty business side if you like, I emptied the tanks and disconnected and stored the sewer hose. Anything left in the tanks when we travel is a good thing as it sloshes around freeing up any pyramids of you know what, that may have built up. This is as much as I can do today. Tomorrow, I will put in the slides and disconnect the water and power chords. Finally, I will lower the jacks and then pull forward so that I can hook up the Jeep which is the longest in time of all the chores. 

The first stop will be at the Walmart’s gas pumps to fill up Quatro before we hit the road. Gas prices have dropped considerably and, on the way up, I saw it as low as $3.78 a gallon, although Walmart’s is advertised as $4.07. Still, it is getting better. 

I sat for a while before taking the dogs out walking again. While we were outside, we ran into the owner and stopped to chat to her for a while. She is a very nice lady and offered me a place to stay if we are ever back in the area. I thanked her and we moved on wandering around for a bit before returning to the RV. She told me that my neighbors are also moving out tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how we manage that. Luckily, they are facing in the opposite direction and will pull out of a different entrance. 

With nothing left as far as departure preparations that I can do, we adjourned back to the A/C although it has cooled own by a couple of degrees. I sat around and wrote a couple of poems to pass the time and it seems that for some reason, this has been the longest day. A couple of hours later and Sandy was giving me the look, so we harnessed up and went out yet again. That little girl is insatiable. We never got the promised rain… 

Written 07/24/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com