We got up late as I just slept late. No idea why as We had not had any different exertions the day before. Maybe, the sleep of the innocent? First thing after the morning ablutions was to walk the dogs and we wandered around even on the grassy areas. Most of the wetness from yesterday’s rain has already dried and the dog’s feet never got too wet and muddy. We had breakfast, or I did as the dogs did their usual, turn their noses up, routine. Their loss as I enjoyed what I had to eat, especially the coffee. 

I decided to do laundry as I had checked out the laundry room on the walk and it was empty. I can see it from where I sit and took note if anyone was using it. It is close enough that I slung the laundry bag over my shoulder and walked up the grassy hill to it and loaded out the wash into one of the machines. I put in my quarters only to discover, they do not work, Further exploration of the change machine showed that they use tokens. Luckily, I had a couple of dollar bills to make the exchange and get the necessary things and started the wash. I had 35 minutes to kill and wandered back to Quatro to sit and write while I waited. When I considered that enough time had gone by, I walked back up the hill and transferred everything into one of the dryers having to wait 40 minutes for it to dry which I spent back in the RV. When I deemed enough time had gone by, I walked back to the laundry room and spent time carefully folding the clean clothes and placed them in my laundry bag for the trip back to Quatro.  

While in the laundry room, I discovered a poster on the wall warning about the presence of black bears and what to do when confronted by one. Sobering thought to know we are in black bear country. Still, unless one wanders into the campground and as I no longer walk the trails, we should be OK. As I sat and watched, yet another 5th wheel pulled in and set up on the hill in front of me just as another one was packing up to go from a different spot. So far that is two departures and two arrivals today. We are almost into August when the RV season will start to slow with the advent of the kids going back to school. We have more rain forecast here due to start in 10 minutes according to my phone but as we have no plans, it will not affect us. 

I called the office to see if my package had arrived and with their confirmation, jumped into the Jeep to collect it. On the way, I took the outside trash bag with me and emptied it into the dumpsters. No sense in making two trips. Back in the RV, I went through the mail which had been forwarded on to me by my mailing service. At my request and at my expense which is all a part of their service. Back in the RV, I went through the mail trashing most of it although I did receive a prescription from Express Scripts, my prescription forwarding company. Because, I have no permanent address, I have stopped most of the periodicals and such that I used to receive but still get a couple RV related. 

We have not gotten the promised rain although it is cloudy out and it does not feel like it is going to rain anyway. We have nothing planned for the remainder of the day and I am not inclined to go into town for any reason. It is a strange little city to drive in and the roads do not have any pattern to them. It is as though, the roads were put in first and then the city was built around them and as they tend to go in all directions with many twists and turns and ups and downs and all on the side of the mountains. It makes for remarkably interesting driving. 

The rest of the day was spent as we usually do with food and entertainment. 

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