Our first walk of the day took us around the usual places we have found in this park. We vary it by going in the opposite direction or sometimes heading across the big patch of grass that houses the swimming pool and outside shelter. This is in the very center of the park and is bordered on all sides by RV’s. There even a few parked in this area but they are completely out in the open and devoid of any shade whatsoever. Our main goal when we are walking it find as much shade as possible and you can find us skipping from one place to another quite at random. We did get a new addition to our row as another small travel trailer pulled in. 

I had a few outside maintenance chores to take care of before adjourning inside of Quatro for breakfast followed by the usual email scan and discard. I have a couple of maintenance programs that the subscription has expired, and I do not want it renewed and they have been bothering me now for weeks. It has now become a contest to see who can outstay whom. Them, with their constant barrage of reminders or me with my erase button. They are very persistent to the point of being downright annoying. Certainly not particularly good PR on their part. 

I turned to the blog and wrote for a while posting the latest of them after adding pictures. I am up to date with everything including the writing and my system of posting Friday/Saturday and then Sunday/Monday blogs together is keeping us within 3-4 days of the actual date that they happened. 

Today is another of those days with nothing planned. I am working on a grocery list for Friday when I plan to go into town and also spent time on RV Trip Wizard. I have the next stop located but have not yet made the reservations choosing to wait until later in the week. We went out for another short walk before settling down to listen to the end of Dean Kootz ‘s story “Lightning.” It was unusual and more science fiction that I first thought that it was. Still, as I am also a science fiction fan, I had no complaints. 

Later in the evening, we went out for yet another walk around the park. By now, the shadows had lengthened, and it was not difficult finding places to walk as the most activity in this park is around the swimming pool during the day. There is also a shuttle service that runs people into town and several younger ladies that live in one of the cabins and that work downtown. ride it to their place of employment. They are all attired in the same uniform and are probably working in the fast-food or Hotel industries. There are a couple of other people that walk their older dogs, mostly of the big, old, fat, and cuddly variety. The dogs that is, not the people who too are on the overweight side and definitely old but not cuddly. My observation is that people in general all tend to add on weight as they age. With the men, it is usually in their belly for eating and drinking too much. Women tend to get fat all over and end up as misshapen blobs due to the rigors of childbearing and its after affects. None of it is helped by the luxury of eating well all the time and complete lack of physical exercise. Lifting a bottle of beer is not considered exercise. 

I found another police program, “Cold Case Files” which proved to be interesting enough to watch although I did go to bed early, for me. 

Written 08/02/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com