Our first walk was uneventful as we strolled around the park. Our walking mileage has dropped here quite considerably, and we are not even making a mile a day, which is our usual goal. Most of that is due to the heat and lack of shade plus one circuit of the park is less than a third of a mile. Besides, most of the time we are dodging from place to place trying to find the shade to walk in with not much continuity. Even if there were trails, I am not sure I would walk them with the dogs because of the bear warnings. 

Mikey had another accident overnight and I spent time on cleaning up the RV. A couple of the mats I washed off outside with the hose but had to take time inside the RV with some special cleaner I have bought for the purpose. I gave him a stern lecture and he was worried enough to know he had done wrong but if he connected the two, I have no idea. Not his fault if he cannot hold it until morning but it is frustrating for me when he does not “go” when we are outside on our walks. Sandy has no problem in fulfilling her duties. 

Following breakfast, I did a few chores before settling down to the usual routine of emails and writing. I must decide if I want to move on or stay here longer. I am not much into town type of activities or shows and restaurants and very rarely make any efforts to sightsee. Some of that is old age, other is lack of company but a lot is due to my lonesome disposition preferring my own company to that of others. I am no longer interested in,” the ladies,” except to view the pretty ones from afar, mostly due to the same old age and many previous disappointments with the fair sex. Now, I prefer the company of my pet dogs. If only they could hold a conversation although I might not like what they have to say about me. 

I called the office to see if I had any mail and Florence, told me that I did. As I cannot take the dogs inside the office, I drove the car over and picked up my mail which when I got back to the RV, comprised of a check that BJ had forwarded on to me and a package of mail from my postal service. I took the dogs for a short walkabout as I was already dressed for the occasion with my outside shoes already on. We did not go far but enough for them to get some exercise before returning to Quatro to cool down as the humidity was high again. Incidentally, while I was in the office talking to Florence, I asked about my current reservation. As I pointed out in an earlier blog, when I registered the first time, she told me it was cheaper to register for the month than for two weeks which I did at the time which meant that I was registered through the 25th of the month. I told her we would be staying through that time. As the park is almost empty on my row of RV’s, I will not have to move for the rest of the stay here. 

With our future secured for the next 21 days, I spent more time on emails and on the blog before Sandy reminded me that we should go out…again. We wandered around in our usual fashion with Sandy making friends with whoever stopped to pet her. That girl just loves attention…Upon our return, we sat outside of Quatro and listened to an Audiobook. It was humid enough to be uncomfortable, so I brought out the big fan and set it up in front of us. While I was searching around for an outlet, I discovered another compartment that I had not yet opened. Inside is a very large TV screen and a couple of outlets, one of which I used to plug in the fan. I doubt very much if I will ever use the outdoor TV as it just not my thing to watch television outside. I think of that as an indoor pastime but who knows with the Premier Leagues Season starting this Friday. 

We sat for a while and the fan helped tremendously although the humidity was extremely high, and I did not really cool down. I even had to change clothes when we did eventually go back inside as the ones, I had on were damp with sweat from sitting on the cushions on the wicker couch. We listened to a new Audiobook story as we sat outside. 

We retired for the evening for the usual repast of the evening meal followed by television and the all-important and refreshing glass of wine. 

Written 08/03/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com