Another view of the park

It rained hard in the night enough to wake me up to bring in the awning. Not that it matters if the awning gets wet but there could always be a sudden gust of wind that could damage it. Better safe than expensively sorry plus the factor of having to find a repair shop IF the damaged awning could be closed enough to travel to it. The drumming of the rain helped me to drop back off to sleep and we woke around 9:00 am. I pulled up the blind in the bathroom and discovered that my only neighbors have already moved out. I did not hear them go so they must have been incredibly quiet in hooking up their unit. That leaves me, all by myself on this row. Used to that though as it has happened several times before in other campgrounds. 

We went out for the morning walk, this time staying on the grass as much as possible as the limestone gravel was wet and muddy in many places. The grass had already dried off, so their little feet did not get too dirty. We returned to Quatro for breakfast following which, I had a few household chores to attend to like blowing off the leaves and trash from the carpet and around the site of my little bit of the campground. Luckily, I am right next to a wooded gorge so that the leaves, twigs, and branches that I blow can go safely into it to continue as Nature intended. I made sure not to blow any trash along with the leaves. With the outside chores taken care of, I called the office to tell them that my moved-out neighbor had left a bag of trash. They promised to come on over to pick it up and at the same time, informed me that I had mail. I dropped everything to pick it up just in case it is important. Turns out to be one of my prescriptions. At the same time, I carried my trash tote over to the dumpsters and emptied it. When I returned, there was a small white kitty sitting in the spot that the previous campers had left. I have seen it once before, that time, down in the trees and have no idea if it is a feral cat or one left by either the last camper or previous campers. I tried to approach it, but it ran off, so I left some food out for it in the hopes of at least feeding it. 

Back in Quatro, I settled down to read emails and write in the blog. Again, we have no plans for today, but I do plan to hit Walmart’s tomorrow. I made a couple of phone calls catching up on things I have been putting off and posted the last episode on the blog before we harnessed up again for yet another walkabout and wandered around in every direction at the whim of Her Majesty. It does not matter as the whole purpose of the walks is for the dogs to get their exercise and do their business. It is not like we are trying to get anywhere in a hurry. 

We finished off the evening in the usual fashion. All in all, a quiet and peaceful day.

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