The day started off well as I awoke just like I was expecting that I would. It would not be a particularly effective way to start the day if I did not as I am not ready for that. Thinking about it, few of us are ready to move out of this world but we have truly little to say in the matter as it happens to everyone eventually. Sooner but hopefully later, everybody dies. 

My first action after crawling out of bed and welcoming a new day was to throw on a few clothes and go outside to open the valves to drain the black tank first followed by the grey tank to wash everything out. I knew this needed doing as the bowl in the bathroom was slow in draining after brushing my teeth last evening. A sure sign that the tanks are full. It is a simple task but one that needs doing on a regular basis. If it is not done, the sinks keep filling and eventually overflow. 

I went inside and finished my morning ablutions before taking the dogs out walking. We wandered around all over the place which is OK most of the time unless Sandy gets it in her head that she wants to go to the areas that are off limits to her and then it becomes a tug of war. Of course, I win eventually but only because I am bigger and stronger than her. If she really wants to go in somewhere different, she lays down in a stubborn pile of inert dog. It is all a part of our walking ritual and amusing most of the time. 

Back inside of Quatro, I fixed breakfast for us but as usual, the dogs did their thing of ignoring it. I ate mine and really enjoyed that first cup of coffee but then, I usually do. I tidied up a bit although there is not a lot that needs doing and then settled down to write. I noticed that two of the Class A’s have pulled out this morning including the other Jayco Precept. Many campers choose to travel on Monday’s rather than over the busy weekends. 
I searched around on Amazon for a collapsible dish holder in which to stack the dishes to dry on the counter. Currently, they sit on a dish towel and tend to not be very secure, slipping all over the place. I am taking this opportunity of being in one place for a month to buy the things that need to be mailed to me and this is the third thing getting delivered this week from the same company. I like buying things from them as they not only have a wide selection but also deliver very quickly and mostly for free plus they have a good return policy. I have only had to return one item, a set of maps, and that was because it was way to detailed for what I wanted. I found a return store and they took it back, no questions asked. 

Amazon notified me that I had a delivery, so I called the front desk to confirm and then drove over to pick it up. This package did not contain anything glamorous but more of something practical like a metal expanding support for the black sewer hose. I already have a set of plastic ones, but it keeps falling apart so I opted to go for something more substantial. Like I said, nothing glamorous at all. The other things I have coming are not glamorous either. Not much room for glamour when you live and travel in an RV full time. 

We went out for the afternoon walk and wandered around for a bit. The sky is looking dark and ominous ad there is rain in the forecast. We did not stay very long walking and headed back to Quatro where I worked on making things secure and covering the wicker couch. I left the awning out intending to pull it in if it started to rain as it was in the forecast. I should have known better as suddenly; a gust of wind sprang up from nowhere and the rain pelted down. I quickly closed the awning, and we settled in for a wet evening. The rain continued, and wind blew accompanied by thunder and lightning and we ended up with quite a storm. 

Everything had calmed down by the time we went to bed. 

Written 08/08/2022. Read my other blog at