After a very peaceful night’s sleep, we took our first walk of the day just wandering around. It was not too hot for us to walk the grassy areas, the best spots which the dogs prefer to do their business. We had no plan in mind and just walked for a while before returning for breakfast and coffee. Back in Quatro, I put some pork and chicken cutlets on the indoor grill to cook while we did other things and the RV filled with the aroma of cooking meat. Not an unpleasant smell at all. I also had outside chores to attend to like emptying the tanks none of which are difficult or take very long but are extremely important. 

I settled down in front of the computer and immediately had trouble logging on to programs that normally are just a snap. I ended up having to change passwords which is so frustrating as nowadays, I barely know what day it is let alone remember hundreds of passwords, well maybe 25 different ones but even so. I do have them written down of course but it is a bother when the computer will not accept one that I know it has in the past. The miracles of modern technology can be very frustrating at times, no wait, ALL the time. I do keep them updated which is why it is so frustrating. I may be forgetful but there is nothing wrong with my reading and writing capabilities. 

I eventually logged on, but I may as well not have bothered and avoided the frustration as there was nothing of interest except my postal service telling me that I have mail. Today is one of those days when I am all caught up with everything including the blog and am sitting around wondering what I can get up to. 

In fact, I never really did anything of value or productive. After finishing posting the blog for yesterday, I sat around just relaxing and listened to an Audiobook for a couple of hours. Incidentally, the story was not one of my better choices, but I stuck it out to the end as it was just a short 6 hour one. 
We went out walking and wandering which is the only way to describe the way that Sandy walks around. Mikey and I follow obediently behind although he often pulls us in a different direction if he finds a particularly interesting smell. Altogether, we took four separate walks today, none of them long but still entertaining. On our last walk, we stumbled into someone else’s campsite which is generally considered a no-no, but the lady of the RV was sitting outside, and I asked if we could come through. She cheerfully said, “Of course” and then made a big fuss of Sandy. She would have petted Mikey except he was in his usual place hiding behind me. We finally went on our way back to Quatro for the rest of the evening which we spent in our usual fashion. 

We went to bed and just before I dozed off, I remembered reading about possible thunderstorms overnight accompanied by gusts of wind. This brought me wide awake, and I got out of bed and brought the awning in for its protection. As it happened, it was a quiet night but better safe than sorry.

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Ozark Country RV Park, Branson, MO Day 23 Tuesday 08/16/2022

There are 20 of these Tiny Houses.

It turned out to be a quiet night with no thunderstorms or wind gusts, and we slept very peaceably getting up at our usual time. I quickly showered and then we harnessed up to go out for our first wander around. It is a dull and overcast day with a chance of rain, but we have nothing planned. We passed the bird feeder, and it was covered with small birds. I do need to go into town and get more bird seed as I only bought a small package this last time not knowing if the feeder would be used. It was very pleasant walking as the sun was hidden behind the clouds.  
We returned to Quatro for breakfast which, as usual, the dogs ignored. I enjoyed my bacon sandwich and coffee and had no qualms in eating it in front of them. They do OK foodwise and some people would consider then spoilt. So, what! They are my friends and my only companions and of course they are spoilt. With what the nutritionists say is the most important meal of the day, out of the way, I settled down in front of the computer. As usual the US news is very depressing and when I read some of these comments, I must ask myself, ‘Are these people for real”? Many of these same comments come from Politicians and others in high places, and I really wonder about them. What is their motive and what game are they playing because the words that come out of their collective mouths are not from stupid people? Or are they? What is their ulterior motive and what are they really saying? 
I turned to e-mails which are easier to handle as I can always and mostly do, trash most of them unscribing from as many as will allow me. I have reached that point in my life where I have lost contact with most of my previous friends and acquaintances from both my Sporting days and my Ponding days. In both cases, I no longer have the ability of youth nor the interest of ponding to be involved and because we are not in any one place for long, do not make friends on the road. Besides, who wants to befriend an 86-year-old nomad. 

A comment on one of the blogs caught my eye as it was from a camper who had been parked next to us at this campsite who came across the blog, quite accidentally. Small world. We finished with the days updates and posted yesterday’s writing, in the blog. I am running out of pictures as we have been here for three weeks and there only just so many pictures to take of each campsite before they get repetitious. Must be getting close to moving on time… 

I decided to go into town and this time to a different Walmart’s as Branson has at least two of the stores. This time, I was directed to a part of town we had not been before and found it with little trouble. This Walmart’s is HUGE, I mean ginormous, gigantic and any other adjectives that describe something big. The store alone probably covers an area bigger than quarter mile square and I covered almost 1.5 miles walking around inside. It had everything that I needed and a lot more although I held off making any unnecessary purchases. Definitely, a better and almost twice as big store than the first one I visited a few days ago. I found a Starbucks and then drove back to the campground where my two little helpers continually got in the way as I unloaded the groceries. I had bought more birdfeed and filled the feeders while I was outside. 

The rest of the day was spent sitting around a lot and listening to Audiobooks. I did some work on RV Trip Planner but could not get through to the campsites I called. Try again tomorrow. We went out walking around the park before returning to listen to more Audiobooks, this time outside on the wicker couch as it had cooled down considerably. I sat outside for a bit and then adjourned back indoor as the skies were beginning to darken over with an impending storm. We knew it was coming as I received a warning on my phone. Everything was battened down outside, and the awning was in and all we had to do was wait. 
I fed the dogs and myself and then the storm blew in accompanied by remarkably close lightning that lit up the sky. The thunder cracks made the dogs jump and their nearness seemingly right overhead. Of course, they were probably 100 miles away. It started to rain and just fell out of the sky beating on the roof and windows and making an awful racket. Luckily, the television was still working and so we sat up listening to the storm and rain and watching TV until almost 2:30 am when I decided that we might as well go to bed and hope to sleep through it. The lightning and thunder had abated and all we heard was the steady beat of the rain on the RV which helped us to drop off to sleep.  
I wonder what we will see when we get up tomorrow? 
Written 08/16/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com