We rolled out of bed after a good night’s sleep and went for the first walk of the day around the park. The little white kitty was waiting for us, and I carried out a can of cat food for it before we went walking. By the time we got back, the food was gone, and the kitty was sleeping contentedly although quickly awoke as the dogs approached.  

Inside of Quatro, we had breakfast and sat and wrote for a while. I thought about our upcoming journey and what preparations I could do today. This got me active, and I started to put things away where they go when we travel. Much of the kitchen stuff like the toaster and indoor grill, sit in the shower and other stuff goes into cupboards and drawers. Then, wherever I could, I installed some expanding rods that hold things in place and stop them moving as we travel. I cannot finish inside until tomorrow when breakfast and such is out of the way. 

I put on my outdoor shoes and headed outside. The first thing I did was to drain the tanks, both Black and Grey and unhooked the black tank hoses. One of them has a leak so I placed it into a large plastic bag, and it will only get used in case of emergency or if I need an added hose. I still have two more, one of which is brand new and still in the box. The last time I was in Walmart’s a couple of days ago, I had spotted and then bought two sets of end caps for these hoses which I applied to the good hose. I had also sent away for a set of carry bags for the black tank hoses, the water hose and the electric cable to keep things neat and tidy while we are travelling. Some RVs that have a square back bumper that allows for a hose to be stored inside while travelling although Quatro is not equipped like that due to a different design. 

I also took down the Shepherds Crook bird food hanger along with the feeders themselves, emptying the remaining feed onto the ground. The birds and squirrels will quickly clean it up. While I was on this side of the RV, I took off the wheel covers and put them away. With everything done, I moved to the other side of the RV where most of the work was. This involved in first lowering the carrier on the Jeep and then placing the folded up outside mats and the wicker couch and table on it and finally lashing it all down with the tie down straps that I have for this. The final act was to remove the wheel covers on that side and store them away. There are still things to do like pick up and store the wheel leveling chocks, but I cannot do that until I lower the jacks. Not a big job anyway. With one final check around the RV to make sure that we had done all we can outdoors, I harnessed up the dogs and we went out for another walk around the park. 
The Hispanic workers were back from their early morning shift and as they usually do, were outside talking on their phones. Some had already hit the pool to relax. Prior to that, the new shift had all congregated by the office to await their transportation to their respective workplaces. I wonder if this is seasonal employment as I imagine that the Tourist industry drops off a lot in the winter. Some said hello as we passed or made a fuss of Sandy who lapped up the attention. Mikey, of course, was hiding behind me. Such a funny little dog. Aggressive one minute when he chooses to be and a chicken little the rest of the time. Back inside of Quatro, we have done as much as we can do for today in the way of moving preparation, so I sat down to catchup on the blog for today as on moving day, there is very little spare time for writing. 

I have enjoyed our stay here and apart from Henly, which is my home base, and one other place, this is the longest we have stayed at one campground. Usually, we stay a week or two but this time, as we had paid for a month because it was cheaper than paying for two weeks, is why we extended the stay. The Staff are all very pleasant and if I have any complaints, it is the lack of good walking trails and the barking dogs and literally, incessantly screaming kids from the adjoining neighborhood. The dogs bark for hours at a time as do the screaming kids and when I first heard them, thought that something was wrong. It got better as the kids went back to school but the dogs kept on barking.  

I will miss the little white kitty and I do believe that given more time, I might have gentled it down and brought it indoors. Maybe, my next-door neighbors to my left that are here full time, will take over the feeding. As for Branson, it truly is a strange little town, and the only industry appears to be show business. I have never ever seen so many theaters and showplaces in such a small and congested area. As the population is only 12,600 or thereabouts and every other building is either a Theater, Showplace, Hotel or Restaurant, no wonder they need the Hispanics to come in to do the hard work. 

We went out for the final walk of the day although it has warmed up considerably at least compared to the past few days. We wandered around saying hello to whoever we met. Sandy is really good at that as she gets lots of petting. Mikey is just being Mikey. We wandered around knowing this would be the last evening walk here at this campground which is always a bit sad when the campgrounds are nice as this one is. 

Written 08/24/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com