The damage to the Jeep

Technically, we awoke still at Branson at the Ozark Country Campgrounds but today was moving day. We went out for a walk after getting up at 7:00 am. I did not know that time existed, but it was nice and cool outside. We wandered around and said “Hi” to several people including the Hispanics waiting for their transportation. Sandy was in 7th Heaven with so much attention. I said “Goodbye” to several of the Camp Staff who had been very pleasant to us during our month of extended stay. 
Back at Quatro, the little white kitty was making a fuss so I gave him the entire can of food so he can remember us. Try as I might, it is a Ferral cat and although getting much braver at the end, was not going to tame down in the little time we had spent working on him. Maybe, other campers will feed him and gentle him up. 

I fed the dogs and myself and worked on the blog for a bit posting yesterday’s writings along with some pictures before turning my attention to the move which we have down pretty well now. Things went as they should and as usual, the last job was to hook up the Jeep. It too went well, and one camper walked by and commented that I had saved the hardest for last to which I agreed. We finally left the camp around 11:00 am, a bit later than planned but it is only a short trip of a little over 110 miles to Rogers. AR. 

Most of the trip was simply fine with a few mountainous hills to negotiate in both directions, up and down. The RV handled well, and we made good time until we hit Rogers. Then, everything went wrong. I was following the directions on RV Trip Wizard until in the small town of Rogers, it turned me down a street that was completely blocked with construction. The Trip Wizard was not to know that of course. One of the workers came over to chat about it and said that I would have to unhook the Jeep and turn around going back in the same way we came in, which we did. He did not offer an alternative route to the RV Park, and we had to rely on the phone and Trip Wizard which at once sent us down another dead-end street. This time, we were really stuck as the road ended in a dirt track that also ended in a garbage dump. There was nothing else for it but to turn around which I tried with the Jeep still attached. Big Mistake. The Jeep jackknifed into the rear corner of the RV and both vehicles sustained damage. I thought I heard air escaping from the Jeep’s front tire which would have meant, changing the tire for the spare but upon inspection, the tire was still inflated. I disconnected both vehicles and eventually was able to get the RV away and facing in the right direction. This was not the classic 3-point turn as taught by driving instructors. No this was at least a 10 or more point turn as I went forward and then back just a few feet at a time. I eventually got the monster turned around and back on level ground and then drove the Jeep up to reattach it after a very thorough inspection and bit of body work, yanking on the fiberglass and framework to clear the tires and turn space.  

If this was not bad enough, the next set of instructions sent me down a road that had a turn circle at the end which of course, was just not large enough for the RV which does not have a good turning radius. Nothing else for it but to unhook the Jeep, again and then turn both vehicles around and re-hook them. A couple of the owners came out to watch, wondering as I was, what the hell I was doing on their street. Eventually, the program got it right and we ended up on a decent highway for the last few miles. Altogether, I hooked and unhooked and then rehooked the Jeep 7 times in a few hours not counting when we did arrive at the campsite that added, one more time. It was hot and humid out and the sweat ran off me. 

I pulled into the Monte Ne RV Park to be met by Cristen who led me to the new campsite which was long. It is really a double site meant for two RV’s parked end to end but currently, we are alone with enough space away from any neighbors on the one side and the park road on the other. We sat for a while after setting up which did not take very long before going out to walk the park for a bit, returning to sit some more.  

What a day. I am really mad at myself for damaging both the Jeep and the RV and it could have been avoided by disconnecting the Jeep. Instead, I chose to try to drive my way out and caused all kinds of problems. It is a funny thing, but I had been having thoughts that something was going to happen on this trip. Maybe a premonition but of course, I had no idea what it might be. 

I sat and wrote until 7:45 pm before feeding the dogs and then myself. Prior to that, I took a shower and changed clothes glad to get out of the dirty, sweaty things that I had on. The TV reception is good, and I was able to watch my current ongoing crime show, Cold Case. 
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Damage to Quatro