We are at another site 
parking here for several nights 
just me and the dogs travelling around 
wandering the land with sights that confound 
driving up hills to the very top 
not taking the time to stop 
before whizzing down the other side 
hoping the brakes will stop the ride 
driving in traffic along the road 
dodging cars and driving slow 
not in any hurry to arrive 
trying hard to enjoy the ride 
concentrating on the road ahead 
not wanting to crash instead 
the cars behind form a line 
cannot go by as there is no time 
and when the opportunity arrives 
we pull over to one side 
and then when the road is clear 
carry on driving with little fear 
I know that we are big and slow 
compared to cars who can get up and go 
and so, we drive with that in mind 
being courteous is what I find 
with others an affinity 
driving Quatro our RV. 

Written 07/28/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com