The bend inthe road

I had a very restless night due to both of my feet and ankles itching up a storm. I noticed that both dogs have been bothered a lot by whatever is biting them, and the damn bugs have now turned their attention to me. I have not seen or felt the bites as they happen, but they itch like crazy afterwards. We used to call those bugs, “no see ‘ems” as they are invisible to the naked eye, but they are very annoying. Probably chiggers. I eventually dropped back off to sleep after treating the affected areas with cream and powder which helped a lot. Consequently, I woke up late and it was almost 10:00 am before I crawled out of bed.

We wandered around the park and covered about a half mile. It was quiet out and the working people were back earning their dollars after yesterday’s Holiday. We did not meet a single person or car which is unusual. Well maybe not as we were much later than normal. Back inside of Quatro, following the normal breakfast and coffee, I sat and read emails and responded to a couple and then turned my attention to the RV and the Jeep. I was hoping that following yesterday’s Holiday, I would have heard something more on either, but I ended up having to call both insurance contacts to see if there is any news. In both cases, nothing positive, just the standard “I will get back to you”. I called the contact at the Jeep place, and he told me they had installed the new batteries and it still would not start. They are still checking. That decided me and I went outside and put the wicker couch and table onto the carryall and strapped everything down. 

I noticed that my tenting neighbors were taking down their tent and as I watched, they put up a brand new one that was larger than the original. I walked over to chat and noticed that it had two doors and I playfully joked, “His and Hers” and they responded with “Us and the Dogs”. Makes sense for the dogs to have their own space as all they appear to get along well enough making it much easier to manage. Thinking about it, I must take my hat off to this couple who are prepared to spend money to look after their furry friends even to the extent of buying a new tent. At least they show some responsibility. 

I decided to do laundry as the bag was full. I loaded everything out and walked the 200 yards to the laundry room and used two washers. Thirty-five minutes later, I walked back and put the clothes into two driers, one of which sounded like it was on its last legs. Hope it lasts long enough to dry out the clothes. I walked back and then had to face the difficult task of making the bed. The difficult part is in reaching the top to fold everything down, but it went well this time, much to my relief. At least, I can get around this bed even if I do have to step up about 18 inches to do so. The step is to accommodate the storage areas underneath the RV. Small price to pay as changing the sheets and remaking the bed only happens about every two weeks. Incidentally, I am glad I do not have a wife or a significant other as the bed, a short queen size just about accommodates me and the dogs and there really is no room for someone like a partner. The dogs have two thirds and I have a third. At least, that is how is seems when I wake up. Makes sense I guess, a third of the bed each. Of course, I am still the boss but only in my mind…It is amazing how much room, two little dogs can take up. It does not help that Mikey insists on sleeping so close that he touches me. That is until he gets too hot, then he moves away. I walked back over to the laundry room and folded the laundry, put it in the bag and made my way back to Quatro where I put the clean and folded laundry into its proper places. Some things I can do well, and laundry is one of them. Other things, not so much. Who said it was women’s work? 

Back in Quatro, I settled down to write waiting for it to cool down just a little bit before heading out for that last walk of the day. We wandered around as we usually do not in any hurry unless Sandy smells something interesting then she makes a beeline for it, dragging the both of us reluctantly behind her. 

We sat outside for a while listening to an Audiobook and had one burst of excitement while doing so. A big yellow Labrador suddenly appeared barking up a storm, but it was not interested in my dogs. Rather the noisy ones across the street. Just in case, I hustled mine inside the RV before the owner managed to catch his dog. He was full of apologies and mentioned that his dog has found out how to get out of the RV. Smart dog. With no harm done, I let my dogs back out and we continued to sit outside until almost 8:00 pm then we adjourned back indoors for the usual evening meal and television. 

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