In the shade…

Another late sleeping day. Must be something in the air to make me sleep so long. Certainly not the sleep of the innocent as that has long gone. Incidentally, it has cooled off enough that I had to get up in the night and find an extra blanket to keep me warm. We went out walking and wandered around the now very empty park. Most of those left are long term residents who work in the town although I wonder what they do in the winter when the park closes. Maybe, that part stays open limiting the amount of winter maintenance, snow clearing and such. The walk was uneventful, and we did not see a single dog walking their person which is unusual. Maybe, with us being late, they have already done their walking. 

Following breakfast and the very welcoming coffee, I sat down to answer a couple of emails before turning my attention to writing the blog. I got to thinking that I really needed to find a Fed-Ex store so that I could return the MIlewise gadget to Allstate. They had provided this to me to register how many actual miles the Jeep was driven so that when it was being towed, the miles would not register, and I would not be charged accordingly. Now that I have a different insurance company, the gadget no longer works for me. I checked my phone for the nearest Fed-Ex office and discovered it was only 3 miles away so without further ado, jumped into my rented truck and following the directions on my phone, pulled into Walmart’s parking lot. Puzzled as to why I ended up here, I remembered that the first time I was in the store last week, I had noticed the Fed-Ex store within the store but my brain, not as sharp as it used to be, had forgotten that fact. I did my business in the Fed-Ex store and then said to myself, “What the heck, let us do some shopping while we are here”, like I needed an excuse. I wandered around and bought some food items and a couple of other things before heading over to the hardware section where I bought a 12” oscillating fan to replace the one that I currently have. I managed to damage that one when I was closing the slide and did not notice it was in the way and the slide did a number on the casing. It still works but is so noisy as to be annoying. Anyone want a noisy fan? 

I found a Starbucks and bought my usual Latte and then made my way back to the RV Park to be greeted by two noisy little dogs. There was not much in the way of groceries to unload but they got really excited when they saw the big box holding the fan and tried to help me put it together, sort of. More hindrance than help, I’m afraid but we had fun. I took the old noisy one down and put it away and put the new one in its place. It is not only quieter but also more efficient blowing more air in a bigger area. Incidentally, the fan is used to cool the hot air that comes through the big front and side windows when the sun is on them even with the shades down. Makes such a difference to the rest of the RV. 

With everything put away and the new fan cooling away, I turned my attention to the blog after answering emails a couple of which were important. Then it was back to writing the blog for today’s activities which we did until around 6:00 pm or so when it was time to go walking. As we usually do, we wandered around in no particular direction and not in any real hurry seeing what was going on around us. 

Back at Quatro, we sat outside as we usually do to listen to an Audiobook until it was almost dark and then it was back inside for the usual evening meal and entertainment. 

Written 09/12/2022. Read my other blogs at